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Citizenship Coursework

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Citizenship Coursework My citizenship coursework project is based on spending some time with OAP's in a home for the elderly. This will give the occupants a chance to see what teenagers are like today. We originally thought of this just for coursework but we also think that it will be good for the elderly to know that we are here, helping out. We hope to use up some of their spare time because they have so much of it and we also would like to give the elderly a taste of how the youth majority are coping through their own eyes. We feel that it will also give us an opportunity to see how the elderly are being treated in their homes and to meet with people that have seen many things in there past. ...read more.


* Will there be any restrictions to us going there? * Are there any time zones that would be inappropriate to visit? We decided that we would call Harriet House first and Swan House second simply judging them by distance away from the college. Whilst Sadia was on the phone to the homes we found out that Swan House would not be able to house our requests therefore we decided upon continuing with the Harriet house. We decided in the group that as long as we were courteous and kind then we wouldn't have to worry about anything else. We are going to wear just our normal college clothing provided that it doesn't have any foul language on it. Health and safety Although we didn't learn much about health and safety in the classroom, there is always a risk of injury to use or to others. ...read more.


We have the responsibility to respect the privacy and not interfere with medical treatment. We must also sign in and out of the building and not open the front door because of the locked door policy. We eventually made a preliminary visit to the home and found out that the occupants currently do a few activities during the week however they do not have many visitors. There are twenty seven people in the home at this current time and would very much appreciate us making a visit to the home as they currently only have one or two family members visit them on average once a week. There aren't any restrictions provided we don't interfere with there dinner and medication times, the games they annually play have flexible times so that wont cause any problems. Also the occupants get ready for bed at 19:00 so we will be gone before then. ?? ?? ?? ?? Citizenship coursework Tom Jackman Page 1 of 2 5/10/2007 ...read more.

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