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Classroom Organisational Skills

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Classroom Organisational Issues The purpose of this essay is to discuss the issues of classroom organisation as well as evaluating classroom practice when teaching and learning theory is applied. I will be relating this essay to a placement that I worked at during my course. The placement was in a local secondary school and I was able to gain a real insight into the career path of becoming a teacher. I also took part in activities such as marking and lesson planning. Teachers play the most important role in education and it is crucial that as well as teachers the school meets the needs of its pupils. During my placement it was clear that extra help and guidance was available for all students that needed it. Many professional teachers with experience working with special needs pupils were constantly available. Special needs pupils were not taught in the same classrooms as everyone else they were given one to one lessons with work at a similar level to everyone else according to their ability. Each classroom had a size of no more than 30 students and they all had one teaching assistant which made it easier to ensure that all students were involved in the lessons and all of them were seen to during the lessons, making sure that none of them were falling behind or not being able to keep up during the lesson. ...read more.


If the teacher felt the pupil was academically capable of keeping up with the work they were able to stay. I felt this was an upside to academic grouping because it just shows that students also have their say which ends in them succeeding. If ability grouping did not take place, students would find themselves either struggling or finding their work too easy, it also makes lesson planning easier for teachers because in a higher class the criteria being taught would be for what would appear in a higher exam therefore intermediate students would not need to know some of that criteria. In some of the classes I taught in the seating plan was boy/girl and this was because freedom of seats were given in the beginning and it was taken advantage of by chatting and bad behaviour, a seating plan made by the teacher was then put into place and it was clear that it improved the behaviour and concentration of the pupils because they came to realise that the classroom was not a play ground and they had to be able to concentrate without distractions in order to learn. In other classrooms random seating plans had been made by the teacher according to the register, they were changed once a month so that the students got to work with different classmates and not just the same ones all the time. ...read more.


The teachers also showed a sense of humour with the pupils and many pupils came to see the teachers after the lessons. Whilst walking through corridors during breaks and lunches pupils regularly said hello and greeted their teachers when they saw them which shows the level of respect they have for their teachers. Teachers need to make aware to their students that as well as being teachers they are emotional and caring this also helps to build relationships with students because they feel they are able to confide in their teachers. Many students seek out support and attention from their teachers and this is a clear management strategy because it can be used to reinforce desired behaviour as well as build self esteem and more positive relationships between themselves and students. Students also gain an interest to learn when a teacher is passionate about what they are teaching, a good teacher always shows a concern for students as well as respect. When a teacher takes the time to personally know and acknowledge a student they feel more emotionally at ease in a classroom and this is when their best learning behaviour occurs. In conclusion to my essay I feel that my placement helped me to understand the importance of being a teacher and what is required. I applied what I have learnt on my course into practice and it proved successful. My placement confirmed that teaching is what I would love to do and I have the skills required to do it. Access to Teaching (HE) Preya Kamothi 1 ...read more.

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