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Clinical learning outcome - a reflective account.

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CLINICAL LEARNING OUTCOME lll A REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT I initially met Claire during a clinic appointment following discussion with a colleague that she was concerned about the negative feelings Claire was expressing. Claire was recovering from a mastectomy and was about to undergo radiotherapy. Following discussion she revealed to me her unwillingness to look at her mastectomy scar and that she felt isolated. Most other patients she had met had had lumpectomies; she was the only one who had received a mastectomy. She was surprised to learn that many other women feel similarly. We discussed how she felt about her scar and eventually she felt able to view it in the clinic room mirror, expressing a sense of achievement. ...read more.


I discussed the benefits of therapeutic massage with her and she agreed to a referral, which I did as an urgent request. Research shows that massage improves mood, feelings about the future, concentration and when aromatherapy oils are included, reduce anxiety ( Corner 1995). I next saw Claire accompanied by her sister, she had received a massage appointment within a week and enjoyed it, she had rebooked further appointments. Most benefit is found to be achieved after approximately 4 treatments (Corner 1995). I suggested that there were also courses run by the Occupational Therapists to teach relaxation methods and with her agreement was able to make a telephone referral. At this meeting I became aware that Claires sister, Ellen was tearful and finding the situation difficult to cope with. ...read more.


This information plus contact leaflet was passed on to Ellen. Evaluation Although I was initially disappointed that Claire had declined psychological support, which I felt she would benefit from, I realised the value of offering patients the information leaflets. She made contact with the person she felt was the most appropriate and by doing this also regained some control. Despite feeling inadequately prepared to support Ellen, I realise the need for support that relatives have and have learned where support is available and would be able to offer referrals and information readily in the future. Reference: Corner J et al: 1995 International Journal of Palliative Nursing. An evaluation of the use of massage and essential oils on the well-being of cancer patients ...read more.

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