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Cloning - right or wrong

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Cloning--right or wrong? Being a secondary student and a catholic, my opinion on cloning is right and wrong: right to therapeutic cloning using adult stem cells and wrong to reproductive cloning. Reproductive cloning is to fuse by electricity, a cell from a donor into an egg, which has its nucleus removed, to become an embryo. The clones will have the same genes as the donor. Problems with biologic, religious and ethics came. Clones have a very high risk of abnormalities. Dolly the Sheep died prematurely of severe lung disease, she also suffered from arthritis at an unexpectedly early age. These disease are probably linked to the cloning process. ...read more.


With the techniques of cloning, human can someday live as long as they want. A person could renew his body cells by cloning his body cells and have these cells implanted into the body when he is older. This is offensive to God as he should be the one to determine the length of our life. In the ethic fields, knowing themselves being a double of another, the clones would face unbearable emotional pressures trying to establish their identity. And would people expect the child to grow up into the original's double rather than an individual on her own? Unrealistic expectations on how the character will be might lead to frustration. ...read more.


Scientists had already found the way to get hold of adult stem cell. We can take any cells and change it to other types of cells by reactivate silenced genes, and silence some of the others. Patients suffering from burns, leukaemia, as well as degenerative diseases-like Parkinson's disease, diabetes, etc. - would be easier to be cured than now. It will be possible to treat patients by transplanting specialized cells that have grown from stem cells in the laboratory. These cells came from the patients, so there are no ethical and religious questions, no risk of tissue rejection, no risk of cancer. This can heal much more peoples and animals. As reproductive cloning produce so many problems and therapeutic cloning using adult stem cells helps that lot, I think therapeutic cloning is right but reproductive cloning wrong. ...read more.

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