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Communication skills in a school placement.

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´╗┐Essay: Communication skills In 2008, I worked in a school for two and-a-half weeks as part of my work experience. During this time I used relevant skills that helped me to communicate with the pupils successfully. However, at times there were many skills that were inappropriate to use or were not relevant to use at that specific time. Some of these effective communication skills include verbal communication as well as non-verbal communication such as eye-contact. The most important communication skills that are needed in a working environment are verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication comes in the form of language, however, language can not only be oral (i.e. ...read more.


This may be for a number of reasons including the sentence length and complexity. For instance, when I was speaking to the students I was using long sentences which some of them did not seem to understand. The ability to understand a sentence depends partly on the capacity and duration of the working memory; the working memory can typically hold information for anything between 5 and 30 seconds. Most of the students were around 8-9 years of age so I should have spoken in smaller sentences so that they could understand and take everything in fully. Another important type of communication skill is non-verbal communication. ...read more.


However, at times I kept a calm expression on my face even though I felt angry, whereas at other times my facial expression actually showed how I was feeling. In addition, when I was angry with the student that kept on annoying me I did actually speak to him when the lesson ended. When I did speak to the student I was calm and explained why I was angry with him. There are many other communication skills that I could have used such as body language. For instance, there were some students that were feeling upset and felt like they needed a hug to let them know that everything was going to be fine so I could have been there to help them feel more positive about them selves. Suhena Begum ...read more.

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