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Comparing two individuals BMI and diet plan.

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Person C For my individual C I have a female age 16 years old. Her height is 1.6m and her weight is 55kg, I have also worked out her BMI, she is 21.5 which mean that her BML is average. For my individual C I have also shown on the table below the nutrients that she is eating per day. The recommended amount of proteins for a 16 years old girl is 15% but looking back at my table, my individual eats less than the average amount of proteins. Which is 11% and I think it is very low as she is still growing so She should take the recommend amount of 15% proteins because proteins are the building blocks of the human body so she needs protein for physical growth and repair of all the cells in the body . E.g. build up the brain, muscles, skin, blood and other tissues within the body. However by not eating the recommended amount of protein per day then she won't be able to have a good physically healthy life e.g. she will face illness, her hair will fall out and it can also lead to scale formation of the skin, as it will get damaged and her physical appearance/ health lifestyle would not look normal. So my individual needs to eat the right amount of 15 % protein for growing and developing. ...read more.


So at this stage my individual is still growing so she needs additional iron to replace what she lose monthly, as her body will get rid lots of blood, when her menstruation starts each month during her period, she would bleed a lot and that would be the reason of her losing lots of blood in her body. Iron is especially important for my individual at this age because it is needed for the production of the red blood cell, also important for her to maintain a healthy immune system, as it will help her body to make haemoglobin. as a part of this it is also important for my individual to have 1000 milligrams of calcium per day in her body, because she needs calcium for good teeth and strong bones and she also needed it for the proper function of nerves muscles, kidneys and the heart but if my individual did not take the right amount of calcium per day in the diet then it is one of the many factors of related with an increased risk of osteoporosis, a disease that speeds up the process of the natural loss of calcium in the bones. The cause will be that her bones will get weak and fragile. However my individual need to eat the right amount of 1000 milligrams of calcium per day to meet her needs for a healthy life. ...read more.


it is important for their health that they should always take the recommended nutrients which are 50% carbohydrates, 20% proteins, and 15% of fats per day Because if they do not take the right amount of nutrients then this may affect their health and it can prove to be harmful to the body. By eating a balanced diet it will benefit to a good health because by consuming all foods in a well balanced proportion will help prevent many infections and disorders e.g. if the body gets all the required nutrients, it will improve the functioning of the immune system which is responsible for the prevention of various infections also by eating or following a balanced diet it will reduce the possibilities of some types of cancer, control blood sugar level effectively and blood pressure. It will prevent diseases that are in a result of either over consumption on under consumption of certain foods, if the body gets all the nutrients regularly with the right amount calories per day then it will be good for them because they will have a good health and also prevent from getting any diseases or infection and will promote a healthy body growth and maintained a balanced diet would also be beneficial to the state of mind e.g. an individual be able to live an active lifestyle because both the body and mind will be in a good state, they would be able to coordinate well, it will also help to immediate decisions and take problems well. ?? ?? ?? ?? Diet Analysis of individual D and C ...read more.

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