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complementary therapy

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Introduction In this assignment I am going to discuss the factors which may either deter or influence complementary therapy. Complementary therapy is a natural therapy which is used instead of orthodox medication; there are many different reasons to why individuals may chose to use their own remedies and therapies. The factors that I will be discussing include the following * Geographical * Social-economics/cost of CT * Cultural * Education * Referrals * Perception Physical factors Many individuals may experience many physical factors such as pain and mobility problems, some individuals may feel that taking orthodox medicines such as paracetamol may not be the best pain relief or option available. Different people may encounter different side effects from taking medicines therefore they may choose natural alternatives such as massages and acupuncture, this influences therapies such as these as pain can be eliminated naturally without any side effects. However individuals may feel that therapies may not be the best option as you may have to have several treatments before the problem is treated, secondly individuals may use orthodox methods as the pain their experiencing many go away much quicker. ...read more.


Suburbs areas are the opposite to urban areas they are less likely to be congested are there is very little traffic. As there is little public transport which doesn't run regularly and it can be very time consuming for and individual to travel far distances to access a centre. Individuals living in rural and suburbs areas may have very few centres that are available and may not even know where their nearest centre is Culture When analyzing research complementary therapies are very common when it comes to culture. Not all cultures may use or believe in the same theories as they all come from different origins. For example within Africa some tribes forbid individuals using therapies such as acupuncture as it is seen as witchcraft. Within some countries such as America complementary therapies may be used regularly, the reason for this is that individuals have to pay for healthcare therefore theta are not really loosing on weather they pay for complementary therapies as they have to ay for orthodox medicines. ...read more.


Education Weather an individual has been educated or the type of education they may receive can either influence or deter both the use and access to the therapies available. Nowadays many individual would jus go to their GP, their GP will then prescribe them with some orthodox medicine according to their needs, many people have not be educated and informed about the many other ways their health problems can be treated, lack of education hinders peoples access to the services available as they are unaware of the choices , individuals will not know unless they have been told so it is very unlikely for them to ask about the therapy as they are unaware that they exist. The stage or level an individual is at again can both promote or hinder access as they may be at a low level so there may not be taught a great deal of information. Chevonne Miller BTEC national health and social care Unit 23, P2 Lesley Davis ...read more.

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