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Computers are used in the aid of adults or premature babies by keeping close checks on them

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Elliot Zeff 12E3 Homework - Research 5 1a) Computers are used in the aid of adults or premature babies by keeping close checks on them. With adults they might have various sensors on them which measure their heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and other various important things. If any of these become irregular to the patient or irregular of a normal reading an alert would be sounded for attention to be seen to for the patient from a doctor. For a premature baby there would also be various sensors to monitor him or her incase something was to go wrong. If it would the computer could readjust the oxygen level or temperature of the incubator by reading the sensor data. If it was needed the sensors or alarm would then signal for doctors or surgeons to help out the patient should they need medical assistance. b) Advantages to the patient and the hospital of using computers is that the patients are under a constant 24 hour surveillance which would monitor various life signs instead of having to have a nurse watch over you. ...read more.


3) Computers are used in body scanners to diagnose and then treat patients by controlling various different equipment such as X rays which are used to show body bones to detect possible brakes or fractures and CAT scans which the equipment takes various different images of the body and then uses the computer to show a doctor or patient what looks like a 3D image or approach to the body by piecing together the different images in the correct order. Once the problem has been diagnosed the doctor or surgeon can then decide on an appropriate solution to heal the patient. 4a) an expert system is a large knowledge base designed for doctors, nurses, surgeons and trainees which includes a database of information of various diseases, symptoms and cases which doctors and other medical personnel need to know. It contains information about what patients have and information about the virus and it also features a Q&A (Questions And Answers) ...read more.


The doctor could then access the patient's health records, medicine records and prescriptions and judge suitable treatment. The computer by authorisation of the doctor could then issue a prescription to the patient to get better should then need one. The doctor can also view appointments which have been made by the receptionist. The receptionist also when making the book could also search for specific doctors and time slots of the patient's choice when making an appointment.. Also through the authorisation of the doctor the computer could also issue repeat prescriptions for patients. Organ transplants: For the patient a person of medical authority could enter the person in onto the computer in a list of people to have an organ transplant. The computer could also analyse and assign patients to specific organs in relation to what they need and also depending on other specific EG same blood type and also if they are in the area and are able to get to where the operation would take place. Once the computer had found a matching pair of organs for the patient the patient could then be informed of the transplant. ...read more.

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