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Cost of Smoking to Health

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Cost of Smoking to Health Introduction on smoking I would love to be given �1456, this is a serious amount of money, it could be the difference between being able to see, having a better lifestyle and the advantage of being more social whereas �1456 is spent on these little white sticks that actually damage you!. I am sure that any person would be grateful to be given �1456 in cash, for doing nothing. Unfortunately this is approximately the amount of money that each individual smoker spends every year, being that they smoke twenty cigarettes a day and spend over �4.00 (Bathroom Index) on a measly packet of death defying sticks. The Cigarette is the most common way of smoking tobacco. What being worse is this smoking is actually damaging the body, and their health, meaning �1456 is being spend of pain and suffering to these smokers, not just the smokers that suffer, approximately 700 people die from lung cancer, heart disease or stroke because of passive smoking at work. Another 3,600 people die as a result of second-hand smoke at home. (Professor Konrad Jamrozik). ...read more.


Some governments however have now prevented smoking adverts on televisions and elsewhere, replacing them with other adverts that show the dangers of smoking. Because of the ban of direct advertising, now cigarette companies use more indirect advertising as a way of getting to the audiences, such as sponsoring sports that are featured on television. All over the world governments make a lot of money from taxes on cigarettes, three quarters of the price of a packet of cigarettes is tax (Pete Sanders and Steve Myers) this goes to the government, these amounts of money is such a large figure that they have come to rely on this money they receive. This high taxation also just increases the smuggling of cigarettes; tobacco companies argue that tax rates should be lower to fight smuggling. Banning smoking all together could have an direct effect on the tobacco companies that use the countries such as: Africa, Asia and South America to grow the tobacco, recently there has been a decline in smokers this means that some people, both factory and growers have lost their jobs, leaving them and their families struggling for money and other things that money is used for, like food and healthcare. ...read more.


Basically spending �1456 a year on: burning your house down, destroying forests, polluting your public areas, increasing cleaning efforts, putting yourself at risk for cancer and heart attacks, damaging your lungs and dangerously making your health decline and get worse, this is at all NOT worth the amount that smokers currently spend on smoking, the government are doing as much good as they are bad, with the current amount they are gaining for taxes upon cigarettes, they are losing much more on healthcare to treat such cases related to smoking and with them keeping these taxes in place, means keeping the sale of cigarettes in place at the moment, with the public smoking ban and non direct smoking advertisement in place probably does has an effect. Asking a smoker what is the best trick to give up smoking will probably reply with "The trick is not to start in the first place; it is such a waste of money". At least I now know I defiantly won't be smoking during my lifetime! After about 50 years of smoking a smoker would have wasted enough money to buy a small house (Bathroom Index). ?? ?? ?? ?? Richard Bradley ...read more.

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