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Critical Career Review_ the training and experiences of a Social Worker working with children.

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Emma Latham Portfolio item 6 Critical Career Review Introduction On leaving school, my chosen career was to be Nursery Nursing and I remember I wanted to work in a school environment; just the thought of all those long school holidays energized me. I began my training at the age of seventeen, still very unsure if this was the career move I wanted, but just thinking well I need to do something to keep my parents happy, whilst I was staying out late and not really showing much maturity. I did not really take the course very seriously, however seemed to have good reports from the placements as I really connected with the children and got average marks in the assignments, but it was not until I attended my last placement at a Social Services Day Centre that really seemed to stick, I can remember I loved everything about it, up until now things had been quite boring but this made me go home and want to know more. I felt that I had got the base line in child development but now this was giving me the tools to use it, Child Protection, Behaviour Management, children?s routines, working in partnership with parents and the biggest one of all, empowerment. So that was it, forget the long school holidays! I have found my career, I qualified in 1995 and worked in a Private Day Nursery for a few months until a post became available in a Social Services Day Nursery. During my time at the nursery I was given the opportunity to do outreach which involved going into the community and working with the parents and children within the home environment on support packages that looked at routines with in the Home, Food and Nutrition, Health and Safety. So I began to work as a family aide in July 1997 which meant I could continue with my outreach work on a permanent basis, as the nursery had a rota system giving each staff member an equal opportunity to undertake the service. ...read more.


(Hester Person and Harwin 2000) describes ?for some women the physical and emotional: effects of domestic violence can have a detrimental impact on their mothering and relationships with their children. Mothers may therefore appear to professionals as inadequate or as unable to cope. It has been recognised however, that this is likely to be a help to be safe, mothers can resume parenting of their children.? 1. Getting the children registered with the GP so that counselling could be arranged for the children and their mother as they had been witness to the domestic violence. ?There may be some resistance from adults to the notion of asking directly about domestic violence issues, this might be linked to concerns that addressing issues with children will evoke painful memories and make matters worse. Evidence suggests however, that children?s recovery and well being can be aided by greater openness about their experiences.? (Herter, Person,Harwin 2000) P137. 1. Getting the mother involved in local support groups to rebuild her self esteem and local networks. 1. Liaise with father in having contact with the children, and to identify the level of risk by networking with his CPN. Legal framework The legal framework that I used was the Children Act 1989 and the National Assessment framework. However I was also aware of some other Acts that may have been needed or of assistance: 1. Divorce an New Family Law Act 1996 2. The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 3. Criminal Justice Act 1967 Theory approached that was used The approached that I used was task centred as Coulshed and Orme 1998 (P.115) describe that ?it is focused work which take into account the needs of individuals to bring about change in their situations, and the requirements of the agencies that work is targeted and effective.? Hypothesis is mothers low self esteem and the fact that the domestic violence still be very fresh in her mind meant it was hard for her to cope with a long list of things so there fore by setting her small tasks meant that it was easy for her to manage. ...read more.


I recognise the differences in power which exist and work hard to minimize their effects. I have extended my knowledge whilst in this post and have learnt that by recognising and acknowledging the importance of family traditions and by recognising and building strengths; I am able to gain a level of co operation during intervention. In even the most difficult situations I prefer to keep services users fully informed of my role and procedures I am working within whilst doing this in an anti oppressive manner therefore by them having this degree of knowledge means that the power imbalances become more equal. Evaluation I have been a qualified social worker for three years and have worked for Wolverhampton social services for nearly twelve years during this time I have attended a lot of in house training courses to enhance my skills as a social worker along side this I try and keep up to date on any current findings or reading to build on my knowledge, and consider myself a committed team member and also value the quality and structure of supervision I receive from my line manger. I feel that I am flexible in my work and have motivation this is reflected in me meeting deadlines on cases, I have been described in my supervision sessions as well organised and can communicate effectively with services users being flexible in my approach and able to evaluate and reflect on situations effectively. I feel as a social worker I will continue to develop what skills I have and learn new skills as legislation and polices are always being reviewed and changed, I recognise the importance of anti oppressive working and will continue to working in an anti discriminatory manor, I would like to look at further training in the mental health service and would also like training in child sexual abuse and court skills, and aim to complete PQ 2 if successful in this program of study. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Healthcare section.

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