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"Critically evaluate one of the challenges that professionals may face when dealing with issues of safeguarding and vulnerability"

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________________ ?Critically evaluate one of the challenges that professionals face when dealing with issues of safeguarding and vulnerability? The purpose of this essay is too critically evaluate one challenge professional?s face when dealing with issues of safeguarding and vulnerability. Also looking at multi-agency work, and the relevant legislation and guidance on safeguarding. Further discussing the risk, vulnerability, potential conflict and challenges within safeguarding. Finally concluding with ways on how positive and effective relationships with service users can be established. Introduction Safeguarding is very important within the health and social structure and it should be every individuals concern, with huge emphasis on every communities playing a big part in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect and abuse. Safeguarding relates to need to protect certain people who may be in vulnerable circumstances, who may need care and support and are at risk of abuse or neglect. (Morris, S 2008.) Strict measures should be in place at all levels to protect those who are least able to protect themselves. ...read more.


(No Secrets) Main body A strong multi-agency and multi-disciplinary approach is essential as each agency has different roles in preventing and protecting against abuse. We know that when local people get involved, communities can do things differently. We need local authorities and local multi-agency partnerships to provide leadership in moving to less risk-averse ways of working, and to concentrate on outcomes instead of focusing on compliance. The local multi-agency partnerships should support and encourage communities to find local solutions. These solutions will be different in different places, reflecting, for example, local demographics and environmental characteristics. However, agencies can use the following principles to benchmark existing adult safeguarding arrangements to see how far they support this aim and to measure future improvements. They consist of a range of multi-agency working and information sharing approaches which include front door, Access, Triage, Central Duty Team, Multi-Agency Referral Unit, Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub and Joint Action Teams all aimed at improving and developing the local safeguarding response through better partnership working. ...read more.


Accessible information and advice are essential for prevention of abuse and for backing up public awareness campaigns, however we must realise one size does not fit all. Information about abuse and what to do about it needs to reach all different sectors of the community through a range of different routes. Advocacy can make a big contribution to prevention of abuse through enabling adults at risk to become more aware of their rights and for these individuals to express their concerns. Other legislation such as (Policy on Adult Safeguarding, Department of Health): suggest that bureaucratic accountability to central Government has changed with democratic accountability to the public. Failure in the system has Conclusion These support system are built upon protecting and promotion of peoples human right, thereby lower the risk of people experiencing abuse or neglect. We must also make safeguarding everyone?s responsibility, we must be vigilant and to able to recognise and report abuse. Care and support organisations must ensure they are meeting their own responsibilities for keeping people safe ...read more.

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