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Cruse Bereavement Care Who is Cruse? What do they do? How can they Help and support a bereaved person

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Penny Chisholm - CST- 3 Cruse Bereavement Care * Who is Cruse? * What do they do? * How can they Help and support a bereaved person Margaret Torrie started clubs for widows from her home in Richmond called Cruse Clubs Counselling Service for Widows and their Families was registered as a Charity. On 30th October 1959 the first AGM of the Cruse Clubs was held, chaired by Margaret Torrie. In 1960, Margaret Torrie chaired the first committee meeting of professionally concerned men and women who supported and encouraged Cruse as a national charity and formed the first Cruse Council. Branches were set up in many places. Then in 1962, The Widows' Charter was written by Cruse members and sent to 630 MPs; five MPs said they would support it. In 1969 the name of the charity changed to Cruse - the Organisation for Widows and their children When Margaret Torrie retired in 1976 she was award the MBE by HRH and in 1984 cruse celebrated their Silver Jubilee Year; this was when her Majesty the Queen becomes Patron. A celebration of the work of Cruse was held at the Royal Albert Hall, attended by Her Majesty. Sir John Gielgud, Penelope Keith, Richard Briars, Wayne Sleep, and others performed for volunteers from all over the United Kingdom. ...read more.


Normally Cruse offer clients 6 50 minute sessions, but this can be flexible, the sessions they are offer are free of charge, however, a session would normally cost �35.00, and clients can give a donation if they feel they are able. Once the support has finish the client is asked to complete a questionnaire on how they felt about the support and service from Cruse. What does cruse offer? * Offer free information and advice to anyone who has been affected by death * Provides support and counselling one to one and groups * Offers education, support, information and publications to anyone supporting bereaved people * Increases public awareness of the needs of bereaved people through campaigning and information services. Cruse offers one to one and group counselling. They are able to offer counselling for anyone who has suffered a loss through bereavement and on occasion my include pets. Cruse is currently thinking about counselling support for people involved with the terminal ill. 6 session of 50 minute each are normally offer, but these can be flexible dependant on the clients needs. Sessions for children under 18 must have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Cruse bereavement care are able to offer help and support via the telephone and web based support is also available. ...read more.


Each cruse service is responsible for maintaining confidential client records, which includes a client referral register. The referral form must be kept separately from the case records the only link should be the case number. A personal record book is kept by the volunteer and is taken to supervision. All notes taken are shredded , at the end of the support, along with the referral documents, the only records that are kept for 6 years are the index consisting of the clients name, number and the volunteers name, for the client to resume further support. There is a standard for supervision - this is a process that all volunteers go through to help then explore all aspects of the client work in order to ensure the needs of their clients are addressed, as well as ensuring their own awareness, skills are being developed, as well as been support through and emotional and physical stress. Cruse ensures that all their volunteers are insured nationally. Cruse has to abide by the data protection legislation and therefore is not allowed to discuss any of their client's details with any third parties such as solicitors. Unless they receive a written request is received. Client enquiry & referral form are kept confidential for 6 years whereas other records can be confidentially destroyed after 3 years, ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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