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Cultural diversity and communication

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´╗┐Rita Pierre Cambridge technical in health and social care Unit 1: developing effective communication in health and social care Task 2: Cultural variations? what?s the impact There are numerous definitions of ?culture? that refer to patterns of behaviour and belief, for example: The complete way of life of a people: the shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize a group; their customs, art, literature, religion, philosophy, etc.; the pattern of learned and shared behaviour among the members of a group. ...read more.


Fear of stigma in response to a disease or physical disability may influence minority group members? experiences of caregiving. They may also make them less likely to receive social and professional support services, potentially causing them to suffer levels of distress that are much greater than those documented in samples of non-minority backgrounds. Every patient?s attitude and behavior towards their health and illness differ in many ways, but the most profound difference that must be religiously considered is the role of the underlying cultural factors affecting the patient?s outlook on their health condition. ...read more.


It should also be taken into serious consideration to recognize the fact that even though culture with its existing structure are subject to change brought about by the effect of social shifts as immigrants learn to adapt to their host culture, yet still, we cannot ignore or dismiss the possibility that culture change occurs in unpredictable stages, that people in a growing culturally diverse population strive to maintain their traditional cultural habits and beliefs even with the prevailing dominant values and traditions of the host society. Failure to recognize this logical truth is the very reason that substantiates for the failure of the health care system resulting in a substandard patient care. ...read more.

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