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D1 Evaluate the roles of different psychological perspective in health and social care?

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D1 Evaluate the roles of different psychological perspective in health and social care? The psychological perspective I believe is the most effective is biological perspective because the biological perspective is the study of biological bases to behaviour. This perspective can be effective in explaining aggression, a social question. Biological perspective is effective in explaining this perspective as this approach is very scientific making it objective and the approach has contributed to psychologists' understanding of a wide range of wonders such as aggression by investigating the limbic system of the brain. There is increasing awareness due to modern day brain scanning that the biological approach plays an important role in the behaviour of individuals in areas such as aggression. The limbic system contains many brain structures such as the hypothalamus. ...read more.


Whereas, the psychodynamic perspective provided a long term treatment to identified the cause of disorder such as psychic battle and defence mechanisms. Also, the perspective over emphasises of importance of sexuality and under emphasises of role of social relationships. The theory is not scientific, and can't be proved as it is circular. Biological perspective is better than humanistic perspective because biological perspective has a calculation measure to see if a child's behaviour, performance and comprehending ties with the age of the child. The scale helps psychologists and practitioners to acknowledge other children's scores together to identify if their development is progressing well. However, the humanistic perspective has unscientific in its approach consequently there is little experimental data to support the concepts used. ...read more.


For example, we could ask how prescribed drugs to treat depression affect behaviour through their interaction with the nervous system. Studies on different species of animal can be studied and compared; this can help in the search to understand human behaviour. In addition, what an individual inherits from its parents, mechanisms of inheritance (genetics). For example, we might want to know whether high intelligence is inherited from one generation to the next. Each of these biological aspects, the comparative, the physiological and the genetic, can help explain human behaviour While, cognitive perspective does not focus all that much on the patient's past history and criticized for overlooking the patient's broader clinical issues. It doesn't take into account the physiological aspects of our bodies. Biological perspective is better than social learning because social learning theory is unsure if reinforcement use on second time can help to alter the behaviour of an individual and is not really a unified theory. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a good start to an essay but it feels unfinished. The writer has discussed various approaches in a very general way and compared them to the Biological approach.

The essay could be enhanced through more research and more detail. More explanation of the approaches would expand the work and show greater understanding.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 13/08/2013

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