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Describe Factors Thet May Affect Self-Esteem.

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´╗┐Self Esteem A person's self esteem may be low because of their gender. Gender is in regard to being a man or woman. Categorizing an individual can affect a person's self-concept of stereotyping job roles for males and females. For example, men should play football and women should stay at home and cook meals and also look after the children. A person may feel that they are under pressure to fit a certain job role or social role and therefore other people's opinions and views could cause a person to have low self esteem. Finally, I believe that this factors may influence an individual's self-concept as everyone should be treated equally despite their gender. Another factor is relationships with others. ...read more.


Appearance can affect an individual's self-concept both positively and harmfully. For example, appearance constructive influence will be pictures displayed by sports encouraging individuals to keep up a healthy lifestyle. The beginning of puberty can cause teenager's self-esteem to be affected. When a female's body starts to change, she may start to feel self-conscious about the changes and the way she's developing in compared to her friends. A boy may feel embarrassed about being shorter than his friends and is taking longer to grow facial hair or their voice hasn?t got deeper yet. Whereas, a girl may feel ashamed if she grows large breasts and if she attracts unwanted attention from older men. They may start developing crushes on peers and may become more concerned with appearance more than a child would be. ...read more.


Also, another factor that can influence an individual's self-concept is the lack of employment due to having a poor education. Education can impact on a person's self-esteem if they cannot get into employment and the person will get a negative self-image and low self-esteem. A person may feel pressure to succeed at school, if they don?t achieve the best they can they may also lose self esteem. The individual may also gain knowledge and understanding on life meaning that they can gain friendships through education to boost self esteem as it helps show that people want to be your friend, also the expectations of teachers affect affect a person?s success or failure as a student who is expected to do well often perform better than those who don?t achieve higher grades and this is known as self fulfilling prophecy. ...read more.

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