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Describe factors which may influence communication and interpersonal interactions

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Task 3 - Describe factors which may influence communication and interpersonal interactions with particular reference to health and social care settings Communication and language needs and preferences Health carers communicating with patients who are hearing and visually impaired have effective ways of communicating. People who are hearing impaired use sign language to communicate with each other, however carers who don't use sign language, find that using symbols can make a huge difference when communicating. For example using Widget Literacy Symbols and Pictorial Communication System symbols can help a hearing-impaired person make choices and can increase involvement and confidence. A patient who is partly deaf may be able to read and write so it is useful to carry a notepad to communicate with them. There are two types of Communication passports; they are for people who have communication difficulties. Type 1 communication passport contains information about all aspects of a person's life, this is helpful as it enables the person to make decisions and have their own say. Type 2-communication passport is information on the person's health. This is useful as it keeps an up to date diary on the person's health needs and can be accessed and changed at anytime according to their health status. Types of communication aids are; * charts with pictures, symbols, letters or words * electronic voice output devices * specially adapted computers Hearing aids; * worn in the ear or behind the ear * body-worn, with an earphone in the ear ...read more.


The result of being assertive is that you feel good about yourself and other people know how to deal with you. An example of this in a health care setting is; a nurse who has been asked a favour by another colleague but cannot at that moment in time but offers to do as soon as their free. Aggression can be divided in two parts; * Direct Aggression * Indirect Agression People who show aggression use this approach to make them feel better by forcing their views across on other people hurting their self thoughts and making them resent you. Direct agression is forceful behavior with intent to dominate another person or person's. When a person shows aggressive behaviour in a work force this can reduce the communication between colleagues as they feel intimidated towards them. People who show indirect aggression are unable to confront others with their anger, they opt for sulking, no eye contact and showing resentment through facial expression and general demeanour. Submissiveness is the feeling that others' needs are far greater than your own, this is so not to create trouble between colleagues and patients. An example of this is a nurse who will keep adding jobs on top of the ones they already have, which could lead to a burnout and stress. Barriers Communicating about sensitive, difficult and complex issues can be a hard thing for a nurses and doctors to do. ...read more.


Many people from the UK also find the complicated medical words on hospital signs and the jargon of health care workers hard to understand. In all these circumstances language can be an obstacle to effective communication between care workers and their patients and clients. In a multiethnic society like the UK there are a lot of cultural differences between different groups in the population. These differences can affect the way people communicate and interact, which can sometimes cause communication problems, for example, the amount of eye-contact, the physical closeness or proximity and the amount of touching that people do when they communicate varies accordingly, to culture. It is important to be aware of this when working with people in care settings in order to make sure communication with them is effective. Time is always against care givers, this is a barrier as communicating with a patient in a short period of time can seem to the patient that the carer is not interested and wants to get out as quickly as possible. In sensitive issues, it is important for nurses and doctors to make time for patients as these issues may take a long time and it is vital no information was missed and all was understood. All health carers should take the time to explore the values and beliefs of their patients as this will help over come communication barriers erected by differences in education attainment, cultural beliefs, socio-economic status, religion, gender and age. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a rather disjointed essay that sometimes wonders away from the focus of the question. It is supposed to highlight the factors that affect communication. Various factors have been mentioned but not always how this affects communication.

There are some good ideas but it needs a few examples and a little more explanation to draw it all together. A good starting point.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 08/01/2013

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