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Describe how health and safety legislation, policies and procedures promote the safety of individuals in a health or social care setting (M1)

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´╗┐Outlining how key legislations, policies and procedures in relation to health, safety and security influences health and social care settings (P2): Legislations, policies and procedures: How this influences health and social delivery in health and social care settings: Health and Safety at Work Act ? This act is one which is applicable to employers and employees in a specified organisation. However, the employer has the responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their employees whilst on the premises. The employer has to carry out a risk assessment of the whole premises before the opening and should be checked and updated on a regular basis. A health and safety policy has to be written so employees are aware and therefore the employer should designate an individual to have the responsibility of the health and safety of the organisation. Records of accidents which take place on the premises should be recorded. The employees on the other hand, have part-responsibility for their own health and safety as they should take care of themselves as well as their colleagues and hence not act in a way which would put their own or another individual?s health and safety at risk. In relation to infant?s school, the Health and Safety Act would apply to the heat teacher, staff and students. Due to infants not being able to tackle health and safety on their own, it would become the responsibility of the staff to ensure that students are safe and at no risk. ...read more.


To reduce risks of injury, it is important that when lifting objects, it is done in the safest manner and if required, use lifting aids when moving objects which cannot be handled manually. The head teacher in an infant?s school has the responsibility to ensure that members of staff are physically capable of handling objects without injury. The head teacher has to also ensure that manual handling risk assessments are carried out and therefore updated as of when necessary to do so. Before members of staff are allowed to manually handle any objects, they have to be given information and training so they use the correct procedure to do so to reduce the risks of injury. If a staff member has an accident or becomes injured due to manual handling, they have the responsibility to report this by using the accident and injury report system which is following The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR). Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) ? This regulation states that any occurrences such as the following are reported to the Health and Safety executive or local council. These include deaths and major injuries, incidents causing an individual to be off work for 3 or more days, reportable diseases and finally, dangerous occurrences. By reporting occurrences which take place, it enables the local council and HSE to investigate further into the occurrence as to why, where and how it occurred. ...read more.


Due to infants not having the capability to always keep safe, it becomes the accountability of the staff members to keep the infants safe and free from risks of harm. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) ? COSHH entails employers to assess risks from hazardous substances and take appropriate precautions. If an employee is exposed to hazardous substances, health surveillance has to be carried out in the workplace. Also, employers have to prepare plans to tackle emergencies and accidents and train employees so they are aware of policies and procedures. COSHH is a regulation which has an influence to infant?s school as it has to be put into place for control measures. Staff have to control substances that can cause harm to students health. In infant?s school, staff should be given information, instructions and training before handling hazardous substances in order to keep themselves safe from harm. The main hazardous substances which are present in infant?s school are cleaning chemicals and therefore regulations under COSHH should be followed for example keeping hazardous substances locked away in cupboards which are out of the reach of the infants. Also, another regulation under COSHH which would be relevant to an infant?s school would be only allowing designated individuals to handle such substances ensuring that they are closed properly in order to prevent the smell reach students and staff as this would have an effect on their health if the smell of such substances is inhaled. ...read more.

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