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Describe in detail the key features of one code of practice used to promote equal opportunities in the care settings.

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B. Describe in detail the key features of one code of practice used to promote equal opportunities in the care settings. Choose one from: * Nursing and midwifery council * Home life * Equal opportunities * SEN * Mental health for social workers * Social care workers What is Code of Practice? Code of practice sets out standards and rules for care workers in an organisation or settings so that they are profession care workers give the service users best of quality care. The code of practice makes sure that the service users receive the highest standard of care provided by the care workers as well as being protected from any sort of harm that will occur. It sets out procedures that should be followed by the care workers which they will need carry them out in their everyday task. Code of practice can be applied to any setting which includes any of the above settings. Code of practice for Mental Health Act: The main purpose of Code of practice applied to mental health is that it will provide help to professional GP's, doctors, approved clinicians, managers and staff of hospitals, and approved mental health professionals about how they should carry on their responsible duties under the Mental Health Act as well as giving good assistance to the professional doctors and other professionals about certain parts of medical treatment for mental disorder for everyday life. ...read more.


user is a Muslim too, this way the care worker will be able to help the service user out more then someone who is anyhow connected to the service user. If the service user in mental setting does not speak English, then it is care workers responsibility to make sure that they get someone to talk to them who speaks their language. Everything must be done to overcome the communication barrier. Some service users might have difficulties understanding some terms or might have difficulties when provided choice by the care worker, when this happens then the care workers have responsibility to make sure they give them a lot of attention so that they understand properly. Some mental service users might have difficulties seeing or hearing or might have difficulties writing or reading, when this is the case care workers have to take a lot of time and give them a lot of attention when the service user needs help. The person who has responsibility over the service user has to make sure that he knows what difficulty it can cause when they don't communicate well with each other. They have to make sure they address that service user well. Most hospitals will have specialist who will help those service user who have difficulties speaking or hearing, they might do sign language or written communication with them. ...read more.


unless he himself give his own permission or there is another basis on which to disclose that is agreed with the law. When Gina gave her family permission to look at her medical records, nothing else was disclosed except this. The care workers had to make sure that they let her family see her records only for a valid reason which they had to give to see the records. Without Gina's permission her family, even the care workers won't be allowed to look at her records. Disclosing personal information about a service user should only be so that it will benefit them and reduce any harm that will occur. Every service user in mental settings has the right to contact their family and friends, even if they want to visit. However the Act only gives certain people the right to visit the service users which are doctors, clinicians and independent mental health advocates. Care workers in the settings must make sure they give the service user in its visitor some privacy when they communicate. There are circumstances where hospital managers may restrict visitors, refuse them entry or require them to leave. The choice to ban a visit by any person whom the service user has requested to visit or has agreed to see should be looked upon as a serious interference with the rights of the patient. Amina Bibi ...read more.

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