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Describe indicators that abuse may be happening to adults

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´╗┐Samiha Suleiman Unit 11 Nasrin ________________ P2- Describe indicators that abuse may be happening to adults Within this assignment I shall be describing & explaining different signs & symptoms to show that an adult may be at risk of being abused. Disclosure- Disclosure means when somebody tells you information about their personal life. Normally when someone discloses information to someone else it is normally about abuse that is happening to themselves or someone else. If someone has decided to disclose information to you it can be exposed in various ways for example the most common way to disclose information is given by the actual victim to their care providers because of the trust bond they have together. Another way a person may choose to disclose information is because they have witnessed someone else getting abused. In addition every patient is entitled to an annual health check where a nurse or doctor may witness some peculiar sore or scarred injuries on a patient?s body that may cause suspicion of abuse; the doctor or nurse will then disclose their concerns to the patients care provider. ...read more.


If the patient is not being fed the right vitamins and nutrients for their body to function adequately then it may be classed as neglect. Poor hygiene; changes in behaviour- When someone has poor individual hygiene it simply means that they cannot take care of themselves and needs a professional who can help them fulfil everyday tasks e.g. dishes, washing the clothes. A reason why a user may require professional assistance is perhaps because they suffer from an illness such as dementia or depression. The definition of low self-esteem is when an individual has a very low opinion of themselves. They may feel less motivated and sometimes won?t even make effort to get out of their beds. Sometimes people with low self-esteem isolate themselves from the public because they fear rejection. An example of why someone may develop a low self-esteem is because they may have failed a test whereas all their friends passed it. The definition of mood swings is when an individual has a drastic change of personality or mood. ...read more.


At times it may not be the service provider who would spend the elderly user?s pensions but actually be a close family member or friend. This can cause the elderly user to develop trust issues. Stress that triggers health problems- If a user is being abused they could develop severe cases of stress which could lead to further illnesses. Stress can trigger illnesses like bad heart conditions or difficulty in sleeping. Heart conditions may arise from panic attacks, fits or just constant abuse to the extent where a user has a high pressure. They could also develop cases of insomnia which is difficulty to sleep. They may find it hard to sleep because of paranoia; they think that if they sleep their abuser may come and harm them again. They could have trouble sleeping as they over think things. As elderly users are vulnerable when they get abused the abuser is likely to threaten them not to tell anyone about the abuse they receive. This could affect them both short term & long term; thus developing health problems. ...read more.

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