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Describe the contribution of psychological perspectives to the promotion of good practice in residential care services.

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P6 - Describe the contribution of psychological perspectives to the promotion of good practice in residential care services Introduction In this assignment I will be describing the contribution of psychological perspectives to the promotion of good practice in residential care services.. As there are many psychological perspectives which enables us to understand developments and behaviors of each and every individual. For e.g. attachment theories enables us to understand why a certain individual may be too attached or not so attached. The theory also teaches us what the effects are if an individual gets attached too much or too little. So certain behavior linking to this could be explained using attachment theory. So if an individual at a residential care does not trust any staff or other residents, this shows that this individual has had attachment issues when they were younger, this hasn't changed since. Cognitive theory could also be used to explain this individual's behavior because the individual may have schemas about people disabling them to trust anyone. The carers that are looking after this individual can understand these psychological perspectives to understand the behavior, so they can provide the required care accordingly. ...read more.


For e.g. the individual may believe that ignoring residents' needs is unacceptable, but if the resident is seeking attention and asking for their needs to be met every time, the worker may have to ignore the resident for sometime. This creates a guilty feeling for the carer which is psychologically known as the cognitive dissonance. In order for them to eliminate the dissonance, they will have to either change their belief or action. If their changes their belief, this will raise the issue, as they are ignoring the needs of the resident, but if they change their action by understanding the seriousness of the need to be that needs meeting, then the individual is having their needs met accordingly to the seriousness, rather than just seeking attention. Another example linking it with the public may be that individual may not use a condom due to embarrassment towards the partner. They may know this is inappropriate, but by doing it the inappropriate way creates a dissonance in the individual. In order for this they have to either change their belief or action. However by changing their belief they have high changes of STIs, so they are better or changing their action by discussing the importance of using condoms with their partner. ...read more.


if an individual has a strict family and they are very outgoing when outside their house, they may have to change their behavior which is appropriate for the situation the individual enters when going home. Linking this to the health and social care settings, two workers, nurse and senior nurse may be good friends outside work, but when they put their uniform and enter their work environment the nurse takes the role of being under the senior nurse, even though they are friends outside. The roles we play are influenced by the shared beliefs and attitudes, values and behavior the group shares between them, which make the individual be more powerfully similar making them behavior more like the group. Different attitudes and behaviors depend to types of social influence. This kind of influence from our social groups is known as "social influence" resulting with an influential impact on the individual and their behavior. Taking of this theory generally, changing behaviors according to their social groups is due to their social identity. The individual may have to take on their behavior to be accepted by their social group. Reference: BTEC National Health and Social Care Book 2 ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC Nat-Dip Health and Social Care Sherin Shaji Unit 29 - Applied Psychological Perspectives 1 ...read more.

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