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Describe the key principles of breast and bottle feeding

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´╗┐Unit 11 Task 1 (P1) P1 ? Describe the key principles of breast and bottle feeding Some mothers decide to breastfeed because it is known that breast milk is known to be the best type of milk for babies to receive as it changes to meet their nutritional needs. In the first 2-3 days of breastfeeding colostrum is produced which contains antibodies to protect the baby from infection and high levels of protein to promote growth then on the following days the amount of colostrum reduces and the milk starts to come in. Most babies take the milk directly from the mother?s breasts, although it can be expressed and put into bottles. Expressed milk is often used for premature babies who aren?t strong enough to suckle, and also used for other members of family to feed the baby. The main advantages of breast feeding are: 1. The milk doesn?t have to be warmed or prepared. The milk is always at the right temperature. 2. Breast-feeding is free. 3. The milk changes to meet the baby?s needs. 4. Breast milk is easier digested with colostrum which provides antibodies and high level of protein. 5. Since there is close physical contact between the baby and mother during breastfeeding an emotional bond develops between them. 6. Breastfeeding helps the mother?s uterus contract and get her back into her usual shape. 7. Breastfeeding is less likely to result in an overweight baby. ...read more.


3. Breastfeeding can be known to be painful, messy and tiring. 4. Breastfeeding can be difficult to establish without the right support and information. 5. Breast-fed babies wake more often during the night to feed. 6. It is harder for breastfeeding mothers to return to work. 7. The mother may need to modify her diet; as you are continuing as your baby?s source of nutrition you have to be careful about your own nutrition and continue to avoid certain foods and limit your intake of others, e.g. alcohol and caffeine, drugs and medication. 8. While in some ways breastfeeding is very convenient in that the mother doesn?t have to carry bottles and sterilising equipment everywhere the mother goes, it?s less convenient when the mother is not at home and trying to find a suitable place to feed. Some mothers might feel embarrassed and unconfident to breast feed in public areas. 9. If a breastfeeding mother misses or delays a feed, her breasts may overfill and become painful and start leaking milk There are two types of formula milk cow?s milk and soya milk. Cow?s milk may be whey-dominant or casein-dominant. Whey-dominant milks are often described as for new-borns. They are based on the whey of cow's milk and are more easily digested than the other milks. Whey-dominant milks are the most highly modified and are thought to be the closest to breast milk; this is the best type of infant formula for a baby. ...read more.


Lots of people are ignorant about the disadvantages of bottle feeding and think that it is good for the health of the baby as well as the mother. But there are various side effects of bottle feeding. Some disadvantages of bottle feeding are: 1. Babies who are bottle fed with formula milk are likely to develop different types of illness. Some of these include diarrhoea or a chest, ear, or urine infection. 2. Premature babies can also develop a severe but rare disease called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) if they are not breast-fed. In this case the intestines are damaged due to infection and a poor supply of blood. It will also increase the chances of allergies in babies. 3. When making formula milk the parents may not follow the manufactures guidelines and get the mixture wrong. It may be too strong, too weak, or too hot. 4. Buying sterilisers, bottles, teats and formula can be quite expensive. 5. There is also a lot of work involving thoroughly washing and sterilizing all of the equipment that is needed for bottle-feeding. If something goes wrong, there are high chances that the baby may develop infections. 6. A major disadvantage of bottle feeding is that the baby will miss out on unique antibodies and hormones contained in your breast milk. 7. Formula milk isn?t as easily digested as breast milk. Although breast feeding and bottle feeding have both advantages and disadvantages, it is always the mother?s choice to decide what way she wants to feed her baby. Emma Green ...read more.

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This essay is for unit 11 ? Diet and Nutrition for Children of the BTEC Level 3 Children's Care, Learning and Development course. A description is required of the principles of breast feeding and bottle feeding. One of the core textbooks for the course alongside use of the internet have been used to complete this essay without any referencing or a bibliography being present; this means that some sections of the work are not acceptable for assessment. Advantages and disadvantages of both breast feeding and bottle feeding have been considered and these appear to be a focus of the work. Nevertheless, the majority of the content provided meets the requirements of the unit content but to ensure these are met I would suggest that students tick off the specification requirements as and when they are included in the content, as not all areas are covered sufficiently within this work. For example, the use of bottles and teats are not covered as a principle for bottle feeding.

Marked by teacher Jenny Spice 30/07/2013

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