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Describe the main reasons why children and young people may need to be looked after away from home.

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P1 Describe the main reasons why children and young people may need to be looked after away from home. Reasons why children need to be looked after could be may be because the child's parent's may have died, the parents may not want the child, parents may have abused the child- this could have been either physically or emotionally , they may have had a family breakdown e.g. a family member could have died resulting in the child being placed into care until the mother was stable enough to care for the child, the child may have an illness which the parents are not fit to deal with and the child could have behavioural problems. If parents are struggling with their responsibilities the child may benefit from a period away from their family be this respite. ...read more.


The child itself could progress into an abuser as it thinks abuse is 'normal'. School may be the only stable please for the child to go to and the child could begin to show anti- social behaviour. E.g. the child may start to become aggressive and intimidating toward others. If the child's parent(s) take an illness where they have to stay in hospital for a time or they may have a family breakdown the child may have to go into care. The child may get fostered, go to a children's home or a residential school until their parents are fit enough to do so. Throughout their care they may require therapy if their stressed/worried/ anxious/prepare them for a death/help them cope in general or if the child is suicidal. ...read more.


The child could have phobias which is a panic disorder and can disable normal life of a child, early recognition and help is needed. The child may have learning difficulties, disabilities or if the child has committed an offence. The child may be put into care due to learning difficulties, and some parents may be unable to cope, reject the child, the child may need specialist assistance which the parents are unable to provide and temporary respite to allow the family to have a break from the constant care. The family may have other demands so cannot care for the child 24/7. Children may be looked after away from home if they have committed an offence where the young person may be remanded or detained. If remanded of criminal charges the child may be put into care for a short period of time. ...read more.

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