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Describe the symptoms and treatment of asthma

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Asthma: Unfortunately asthma can be inherited and in many children asthma is diagnosed after having a cold or fever. Studies shows that a high percentage of these children, during their lifetime will have a higher chance of getting rid of the disease. On the other hand if asthma is inherited, most likely the patient will be diagnosed during his or her lifetime. According to statistics, asthma is one of the most common physiological disorders and it can affect all ages. Nowadays, we have specific treatments to control the disease but unfortunately, till now, there is no cure. One of the most important functions of the respiratory system is to breathe. Air is inhaled through the mouth or nose, it then moves through the pharynx, larynx and trachea into the lungs. After that process, the air is exhaled through the same pathway. During normal inhalation the external intercostal muscles and diaphragm contract and as a result of this the rib cage elevates. Due to this the volume of the lungs increases, air pressure drops so air rushes in. On the other hand during normal exhalation the muscles relax, lungs become smaller, air pressure rises and air is expelled. Asthma is a lung disease which narrows and inflames the air ways, we have tubes which they carry air into our lungs. ...read more.


According to studies being overweight will result in more chronic low-grade systemic inflammation, which means that the patient will suffer from inflammation throughout the body. Last factor that I am going to explain is smoking, this can affect an asthmatic person because when a person inhales tobacco, irritations substances will lay out in the moist lining on the airways. These irritants can trigger an asthma attack. Nowadays thanks to scientists we are developing more and more tests in order to be able to diagnose diseases in their early stages. Starting off with the first test spirometry, this test is often used to assess the patient?s lungs. The procedure of this test is to take deep breathes and exhaling it as fast as they can through a mouthpiece attached to this equipment. This test consists of two measurements, these are the volume of air breathed in and the volume of air breathed out. Normally this test is done many times to get accurate results. Second test peak expiratory flow test, this test is done by a device called peak flow meter. This is a very easy test, it measures how fast the patient can blow air out of his/her lungs in only one breathe. Most of the time this test occurs over weeks, in fact the patient needs to take this device home so she/he can record daily measurements. ...read more.


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