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Description of Process - Process Design

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The Shouldice Hospital Limited Case 1 Below, we will discuss various issues involved with Shouldice Hospital Limited. These items include: the process design - operational and medical, analysis of the model, whether the process is good or bad, if changes need to be made and if these changes would be good or bad for Shouldice. Description of Process - Process Design Shouldice Hospital works like a flow shop that uses a combination of line flow and batch processes, with a majority completed as a line flows. The employees of the hospital move from patient to patient to get them examined and admitted while working in stages to get them prepared for surgery. The main batch process is the group orientation to discuss the procedure before the meal times. This hospital only operates on external types of abdominal hernias. Because there is a specific technique to operate on patients, the performed procedures are fairly consistent. Each surgeon learns the technique over several months. ...read more.


Day Time Frame Activity 1st Day 20 mins. Wait to be examined 15 - 20 mins. Examined in one of six examination rooms by surgeon 5 - 15 mins. Wait for admitting personnel in accounting office 10 mins. Health insurance coverage checked and details of procedure explained 5 - 10 mins Hemoglobin and urine are checked Rest of afternoon Settle into room, unpack and have dinner 2nd Day Pre-surgery 5:30 a.m. Pre-op sedation Dressed in O.R. gown 6:45 a.m. Demerol administered and patient taken to O.R Novocain administered a few minutes before surgery 7:30 - 8:15 a.m. First surgery performed Patients are encouraged to exercise to aid them in their recovery. 3rd Day After breakfast Skin clips are removed 4th Day Remaining skin clips are removed Patient is ready to be discharged Analysis of Model Patients in need of a hernia operation are the inputs into the model while the patient after the operation is the output. The flow unit (item) would be the patient. ...read more.


By adding these operations, the hospital could loose some of their more experienced doctors. This would cause a need to hire and train new surgeons and they would loose the experience needed to perform in the current manner. It seems the government option would help with increasing their capacity but this will make them invest more into Toronto. The best option would be to open another hospital with a similar design in the United States. By adding a location in the U.S. this can increase the capacity and expand their business to areas that were not aware of their specific technique. The other process changes which need to happen is to start distributing the brochures and market their business and improve their computer system for admitting procedures. Last but not least, the Shouldice Method needs to be patented. Medical professionals unsuccessfully duplicating this process are already sacrificing the reputation of the Shouldice Method. In conclusion, The Shouldice Method has proven to be extremely successful. With few changes and geographical growth of their facilities, this method will continue to provide success stories for many patients cross-country. ...read more.

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