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Description of the Four Communication Skills and how they are used in the particular setting

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´╗┐Unit 2 A02 ________________ Contents Page Introduction The description of the four communication skills 1. Tone Of Voice 1. Pace Of Voice 1. Eye Contact 1. Empathising A02 Section A The Description of the Four Communication Skills and how they are used in the particular setting INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH NAME OF YOUR ONE SPECIFIC CARE SETTING The care setting I am using in my report is Romanby Primary School. THE LOCATION OF THE CARE SETTING This is a school situated on The Close in the middle of Romanby, Northallerton which means that those students in the surrounding area have easy access. The school is in the general catchment area of Romanby. WHAT SECTOR IT BELONGS TO E.G. EARLY YEARS It belongs to the early year?s sector. WHY YOU PICKED THIS SETTING/ SECTOR The reason I picked this particular sector of care is because it interests me and in the future I hope to pursue a career in primary teaching. I picked the care setting as it was a reasonable distance from where I live and I felt that because of this, I would be able to gather more information. WHAT YOU DID- OBSERVATION OR INTERVIEW I interviewed Mrs X, a reception teacher who teaches at the primary school because she is a key role with the communication with the children. Her name has been changed throughout to maintain confidentiality. DATE AND TIME OF COMPLETION The interview took place on the 10th October at approximately 7pm. ...read more.


in a serious tone so as to respect the child?s dignity and to be considerate for how the child was feeling and the embarrassment that may be caused. Whereas in the staffroom at lunchtime, Mrs X may have a more relaxed and casual tone of voice and talk louder as it is more of informal situation which means that her and other members of staff may feel more relaxed and comfortable talking and they may want to relieve from stress by talking about it if they have had a hard morning at work. TO PARENTS In a situation when Mrs X is talking to a child?s parent she may speak calmly and in a mostly even tone so that the image that is being portrayed is a professional one and she makes a good impression on the parents. This will mean that the parents feel more comfortable with their child being supervised with the teacher and they are more relaxed. It also means that they may be more able to share information that is required. Therefore the teacher will be able to meet any particular needs that the child may have. An example of this would be if a child?s grandparent had passed away and the parent felt comfortable sharing this with the teacher then the teacher would know to empathise with the child and not say anything which may upset them. If the child had been misbehaving, then the teacher may talk in a more serious to express the extremity of the situation that has been occurring. ...read more.


An example of this maybe that if her class were talking about a story, and Mrs X knew a good joke about the topic of the book, then she would tell a joke slowly followed by a fast punch line. This would mean that the children understood the content of the joke before they got the punch line. This would mean that they would find it funnier if they understood it. Therefore, it would improve their mood as they may laugh and they may be more enthusiastic to communicate with the teacher after that. Eye Contact EXPLAIN HOW THAT PARTICULAR SKILL IS USED WITHIN YOUR CARE SETTING BY DIFFERENT TYPES OF CARERS EXPLAIN IN DETAIL WHY THAT SKILL IS IMPORTANT TO THAT CARER AND CLIENT GROUP INTERACTIONS ONE TO ONE INTERACTIONS TO OTHER STAFF TO PARENTS FORMALLY INFORMALLY Eye contact is the meeting of eyes between individuals[a]. It can show confidence and interest into what the other person is saying. In certain cultures, eye contact is regarded differently, with religions such as Islam finding eye contact a rude gesture. A person?s eyes can be a stong giveaway about how they are feeling. For exampkle, if a person is looking up it may show that they In a one to situation ... Mrs x would always use eye contact if possible to engage a child and makke them feeel valued as if she was looking elsewhere it may give the child the idea that the teacher was not interested in what the child was try to say. ...read more.

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