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Design Decisions

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Design Decisions The topic I had chosen for this part of my presentation I chose a particular sickness which I was quite familiar with, dementia. I chose dementia because I felt it was extremely effective as it highlights one of the most the serious psychological ill health. However I also thought it was something I already knew a lot about and the barriers were also very easy to talk about was something that no many people take into account and not know much about because it is a very rare illness. I had made use of many websites in order to reflect the main cause of dementia and how it may affect us, although the symptoms may not sound as solemn but it does have a huge effect on the person itself and the ones around, emotionally and physically. ...read more.


In my presentation I had to make sure I made use of many eye contacts and hand gestures in order to engage the more of the audience attention. On the other hand, I also had to face many issues when it came to delivering my presentation, the issues were to do with the smart board, because at one point it froze, however everything else was all under control and went perfectly fine. I also used cue cards, this was so I don't forget my notes and keeping turning back at the white board to see my notes, I also thought it helps improve the presentation. In my presentation I had also used audience participation twice once with the quiz which was a word search and the other time was when I asked the audience questions regarding the PowerPoint. ...read more.


I have to admit that my cue cards had helped me out a lot, if it wasn't for them I think I would have struggled even more possibly even forget what the aim of my presentation was and completely go of the subject and stammer. The colours I had used on my presentation was very simple I didn't go over the top using a wide range of colours I just stuck to the topic and used the colours I had to use because I didn't see the point of making it all colourful and bright because either way the information on it would have remained the same. I did my presentation standing up, I dint use many body language as I was very nervous and not to comfortable with the whole presentation ...read more.

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