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Development Of Life stages -pregnancy, childhood, old age.

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Maria Dadra Unit 4-: Development through the Life Stages. P1 1): Growth is when there's a physical change in their body which can occur whilst they grow, this change could be increase of size, height and weight. As you grow older your height will increase. Development and delayed development is when a child takes time to develop achievement of one or more of his milestones. People might consider this child to be 'slow' or 'behind'. For example, a child may have less socialising and personal skills with a person who's more talented. Developmental Norms is usually referred to the age which a child progressing, this may not be something which is expected because every child takes time to develop their skills. For example a child might have a knowledge and understanding about a certain subject earlier than expected. Developmental Milestones is when a progressing one stage to another they develop functional skills or have the ability to do something at a certain age range. For example at a child 12 months will start grasping onto things like furniture and 3 or 4 months later they might start walking. Life Course is the time between birth and death, this includes infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. People will experience that as time goes on they get older and life gets shorter. Maturation is when you are developing to be fully grown, also when a genetically programmed stage of development has occurred. They develop new skills in thinking and also increase levels in physical skills, different experiences allow a child to develop his or her potential. For example a child who is 2 years old will start to use more words and start listening to other of what is said. Life expectancy is the length of time a person is expected to live. 2) Conception Conception is the beginning of pregnancy, when the sperm cell from the father joins with the egg cell from the mother. ...read more.


Emotionally this will affect the woman with menopause because she will be having mood swings which can include depression and irradiation. Also a woman aged around late 40s will be pressurized by family who are needed to be looked after; going to work will be difficult because the woman may start having the symptoms which can become annoying whilst working. However the positive affect on this may be that some woman's may enjoy sex more after the menopause because they will be free-minded about not getting pregnant and this could increase there self confidence. Hormone Replace Treatment can help you with the treatment of menopause. Some woman's may be in serious pain where they will be consulted to their GP; the GP will provide some information on the symptoms but also give medicines. Older Adulthood Physical development in an older adulthood occurs when the skin becomes thinner and less elastic, bones become weak and more likely to break, hearing and sight deteriorate, and muscles become weaker which may lead to an older adulthood not able to do active things. Intellectually older adulthoods will need help whilst gaining skills or doing something active and they may forget thinks quickly due to the age. Emotionally older adulthood have many health problems which might leave them in pain most of the time. Some old adults may be stereotyped in care setting which can affect their self esteem and confidence. The death of their partner or family member can leave older people feeling emotionally isolated. Retirement can affect them as they don't have anything to do and are feeling depressed and unmotivated. Socially older adults may be put in a care home where they interact with people and make new friends however some may be left alone due to health problems and impairments. M1: The physiologists talked about whether every person was brought up by their hereditary or the environment and people around them. ...read more.


Lack of communication can have a lack of confidence and self esteem and people become lonely and isolated. Also when ageing starts to progress the physical appearance can affect the people self confidence and self esteem. M3: An aging person may feel week and left out he /she may feel left out or ignored .If no one talks to them it will decrease communicating with them which will affect their self confidence. Illness can affect on self confidence in doing certain activities such as gardening however some might be still healthy and fit which may consume them doing active activities. Sometime people can judge old people saying that they're useless and only carry disease so stay away from them this might lead them thinking that they are not respected and might be isolated from everyone. The loss of a partner an affect the old persons self esteem and self confidence because they will loose the fact they don't have a companion and bereavement may cause depression but also memories which can be emotional for the old aged. However shops for the elderly like age-concern can give you advice and support which can pull up the person confidence and esteem. You will find that you won't able to do things quicker as you used to this maybe due to fragile bones. When you're young you are also concerned about the looks as you want to impress people and this shows the increase in you're self esteem however when you start to get old you get wrinkles and saggy skin however you try to recapture you're looks. Depression not only prevents older people enjoying life but also its gives the frustration of their health. Elderly people aged 65 should have a secured living as they receive pension. However some elderly with illnesses will stay in poverty this might be pressuring and stressing because they will need to pay the bills this might consider them going to care homes or asking advice from age concern. ...read more.

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