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Development through the lifestages

Extracts from this document...


´╗┐Development through the Life Stages Development through the Life Stages Unit 4 Annie Plant ________________ Contents Page number Introduction 3 Key terms 4 Life stages 5 Conception and pregnancy 6 Birth and Infancy 7 Childhood 10 Adolescence 12 Adulthood 13 Older age 14 End of life and life expectancy. 15 Factors influencing development 16 Predictable and unpredictable life events 17 Theories of ageing 18 The physical and psychological effects of ageing 19 Nature nurture debate Theories of aging in relation to my granddad Effect of self esteem and self confidence of physical changes associated with ageing How the nature nurture debate affects the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of two life stages of my granddad Evaluate the influences of ageing on heath and social care provision. Bibliography ________________ Introduction In this booklet I am going to describe the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development through the life stages. The life stages that I will be addressing are conception, pregnancy, birth and infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. I will also include a description of growth and development in relation to changes through the life stages, developmental norms and milestones, maturational and life expectancy. Growth means an increase in measured quantities such as height or weight. Development is complex changes including an increase in skills, abilities and capabilities such as talking, walking, writing and smiling. ________________ Key terms Maturation is when development is assumed to be due to a genetically programmed sequence of change. Life course is a map of what is expected to happen at the various stages of the human lifestyle. Life expectancy is an estimate of the number of years that a person can expect to live on average. Developmental norms or developmental milestones are a description of an average set of expectations with respect to an infant or a child?s development. Delayed development is when a child?s development lags behind the developmental norms or developmental milestones for his or her age. ...read more.


Erikson argued that the key task of early adulthood was learning to cope with emotional attachment to a sexual partner. This may involve not being too self-centred or defensive and not becoming emotionally isolated. Later on adults may face a risk of emotional ?stagnation? when they lose interest in social issues. According to Erikson, the development task is to stay emotionally involved with social life. It was at this life stage that my granddad first showed signs that he was suffering from deafness and this would have impacted him because he wouldn?t have been able to hear what was going on around him and he might have lost some of his independence. Another nock to his self esteem happened when he was 20 when his brother died in a cricket accident not long after leaving home. ________________ Older age 65+ Physical Ageing is the natural process of becoming older, it results in gradual changes in the various tissues and organs which prevent them from functioning as efficiently as they could because of: cell loss ? of these cells which, when damaged or worn out, are not renewed, e.g. nerve cells, teeth; the inaccurate repair of tissues; the accumulation of unwanted matter in the tissues, e.g. cholesterol in blood vessels and finally a reduced immunity. Normal processes of aging are: As a person grows older, wrinkles develop, because the skin become less elastic and loses the thin underlying layer of fat. Skin also becomes drier and more fragile; Hair on the head usually turns grey and becomes thinner and thinner. It may be lost all together from the top of the head, especially in men, although this does happen to a few women. There is a tendency for women over 65 to develop facial hair; Calcium and protein are lost from the bones and they break more easily. This condition is most common in post-menopausal women. ...read more.


He may not have had a brilliant physical environment because there were quite a few people living in his house and it was very crowded. He had a really good education and overall achieved I think 7 O-levels at the end of his 5th year at grammar school. He was able to get employment after leaving at 16 after being told to by the head teacher. It was at this point that he became an apprentice to become a mine surveyor. His psychological influenced would have impacted at various times in his life. The key example of this would have been when the head of the grammar school asked him to leave after getting his O-level results. His self esteem would have taken a knock when his brother died because he was very close to him and had in a way lost a best friend and a brother. In the last few months of his life when he was really ill with his terminal cancer he refused to let it get in the way of his self esteem and always stayed positive and made sure that everyone else was too. This impacted him in a negative way but he refused to let it influence him negatively and looked forward to when we would all get together and he would make games for us all to play and his face really lit up when he saw that they were being enjoyed and this would have really boosted his self esteem making him feel really valued. In a way he was a very positive individual due to his upbringing thinking that there was always someone worse off than he was. He never let any bad news get in the way and stayed positive right to the very end. His way of life was very limited particularly in the last month or so but due to his nurturing as he was growing up he wouldn?t let it affect him or get in the way of what he wanted to do. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Healthcare section.

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