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Did the Medical Renaissance Improve Heath and Treatments?

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Did the Medical Renaissance Improve Heath and Treatments? I think the medical Renaissance mainly did improve health and treatments. Lady Grace Mildmay, Richard Wiseman and James Woodfare all contributed to improving health and treatments. The plague started many new ideas about how it started and how to prevent it but there were still many old ideas. Lady Grace Mildmay lived from 1552-1620. She still had many old ideas from Galen who was still the basis of medical treatments and she believed in his theory that illness was caused by imbalances of the four humours. ...read more.


He knew the work of more recent writers including Pare. He wrote two long books, describing the surgical methods he had seen and used. He gave far more space in his own cases, than he gave to modern or ancient medical writers. This helped improve medical health because others could read his books to learn about surgical methods. In 1665 London was hit by the worst outbreak of The Plague for three centuries. Fifty years later Daniel Defoe wrote a dramatic and accurate account of life during The Plague. There were many religious ideas about the plague and they were still using supernatural ideas. ...read more.


James Woodforde was a parson and kept a continuous diary when he was a student in 0xford. He used mainly old ideas for treatments. He used old remedies such as rhubarb and onion which were continuing the use of herbal remedies. He still used Galen's theory of the four humours. Woodforde didn't really come up with anything new but he did use inoculation for smallpox which was a new cure. He used what he knew from old ideas, like Galen's theory so he didn't really play a huge part in improving health and treatments. The medical Renaissance improve health and treatments quite a bit but not really far because they were still using some of Galen's ideas which were partly incorrect but they were heading one step in the right direction. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a very short essay that looks at medical advancements during a period of history.

It is quite scant in its information and could be easily enhanced by discussing how and why in more detail.

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Sam Morran 24/10/2013

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