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Different types of bone, their development and different bone problems that can occur.

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Task 1(P1) a) Long bones have large, width, the round ends at the top, and bottom of the bone helps the absorption of shock and the strength of the bone. The factors help to reduce the chance of getting a fracture. Long bone are bones such as limbs, femur, tubular, fibula, the only limbs that are not long bone are the ones found in the wrist and ankle. Short Bone Short bones are the same in width as in length they look like a rough cube shape. They are a very compact type of bone, which makes it very strong. However, at the same time it very light as it is so small. This is key because it is found in the wrist (carpal) ...read more.


b) Long bone lengthen occur at the diaphyseal, epiphseal junction and the cartilage plate. After the bone has grown the epiphyseal cartilage plate is replaced by spongy tissue. This is the difference between fresh new bones (child-like bones) and fully grown bone (that of an adult). c) There are some factors that influence the development of bone. When children are young they are encouraged to take allot of vitamin D and calcium also to some weight bearing exercise, this will help to promote strong bone. Gender also affects the development of bone, this mainly regarding the structure of bone. For example, men have superior bone mass to women which bone mass is on average lighter. As women grow older and/or go through there menstrual cycle there is a reduction of the hormone oestrogen, this hormone helps to protect bone and promotes good growth of the bones. ...read more.


Another disease that affects the musclo-skeletal system is rickets. In this case the bones will become deformed and will be very brittle. This disease is more likely to take place in children who are low in vitamin D as this vitamin helps in the production of calcium which is essential for proper bone development. c) It is very important for the musclo-skeletal that people maintain a good diet, by taking in food which is equip with vitamins and minerals that are needed for the bones. An example of this would be vitamin D that was discussed above ( in b) without this vitamin calcium cannot be absorbed. Calcium is a mineral that can be extracted from all dairy products, this mineral is key in developing strong bones and teeth. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rebekah Walker Mobility AS1 AA00310 ...read more.

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