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Different types of legislation, policies, standards and code of practices that would have influenced the social care provision

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´╗┐Unit17 p4. There are many different types of legislation, policies, standards and code of practices that would have influenced the social care provision. Which includes The Care Standards Act (2000), Children Act (2004), Terms and conditions of employment and Accountability to professional bodies and line manager all these would have an influence on the social care provision. However, the main TWO which will be explained will be the Health and Care Professionals Council and National Minimum Standards/Essential Standards. Care standards act 2000: The Act was passed in 2000 the point was to regulate are to reduce the unfairness and the irregularity this involves hospitals, nursing homes and residential care homes and children homes. ?The main purpose of the Act is to reform the regulatory system for care services? it has the policies and procedures require CRB checked. (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2000/14/notes Children Act 2004: Children Act 2004 is a wide ranging act covering many areas such as parental responsibility and child protection. This act takes a huge stance that the children's welfare is 'paramount'. This Act also made it clear that opinions from children and young people should be taken into account when decisions about their future are being made. It is important that the Every Child Matters five outcomes are being met (being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being) ...read more.


National Minimum Standards 2000: The National Minimum Standards is related to the Care Standards Act which brings it together as one Act, moreover The National Minimum Standards covers a wide range of different Service providers within the Health and social care sector these include nursing homes children?s Homes . The National Care Standards Commission (NCSC) used the National Minimum Standards to make sure that the health providers and carers are offering the right support. People who break this law would face losing job or imprisonment. ?The regulations and standards are published in accordance with the Care Standards Act 2000 and are issued for a range of health service providers, including Children's Homes ,Fostering Services ,Boarding Schools ,Care Homes for Adults ,Domiciliary Care ,Residential Special Schools ,Care Homes for Older People. it ensures that care worker is CRB checked as it will help to minimise any risks of abuse which could take place in the setting, Care workers would face consequences if they fail to provide the best quality of care and this will influence the social care provision as they would not be able to work in a health and social setting again. If any organisation is not meeting the National Minimum Standard then it would be closed down. Care workers would have to maintain confidentially by making sure service users problems are not discussed to anybody such as family and friends likewise putting any private and confidential information away and safe. ...read more.


The HCPC can improve care provisions as the professionals will have to do their best and give good quality care because there will be aware of the consequence if it?s not done properly. It will help to improve care provision as professional will have to be fully trained which will give them the knowledge and keep professionals updated. It ensures that the public is receiving the best standard of care by the social workers for example if a family member made a complaint about bad practice then HCPC will take further investigation and analyse the situation and give the right disciplinary to the social worker them being put off the Register or close down the organisation that social worker works for. It would help to reduce the risk of abuse and bad practice however HCPC will then develops and monitors strategy and policies in order to keep up to date with new legislation to help improve the organisation and setting. The HCPC is in many forms such as pocket sized booklet for the care staff, it is also available in different format for the clients. The booklet can be in different forms of communication in order for the clients to be able to understand the information. HCPC keep a register of professionals who meet that standard to help improve and let people know how well there are doing however HCPC will take action when professionals on Register do not meet the standards. ...read more.

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