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Difficulties and Rewards of being a Family Carer

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K101 (PI A8383357 ) Carer The current government definition of a Carer states that the word means someone who looks after a friend, relative or neighbour who needs support because of their sickness, age or disability. It does not mean a special care worker in a nursing home, e.g; someone employed by disabled person.? (Direct.Gov, 2006). Carer's play a vital role to those who are sick, disabled, vulnerable or frail (DH. 1999,quoted in unit 1, p.14) Within this essay my aim is to describe the difficulties and rewards of being a family Carer. Caring for a sick, disabled or elderly family member and support my research with examples and references from (K101 books 'who care?' Block 1 unit 1) resources. I will demonstrate my understanding using a case study of Anne Walker and Hussein et al for illustration. Difficulties of being a family Carer Difficulties When caring for a family member there will be some difficulties you may come across, one of the most stressful aspects of caregiving from experience, is incontinent elderly or one suffering from Dementia eg; from experience a family member I used to care for was suffering from dementia. ...read more.


Ann's family take their frustrations out on her at times. It can be very difficult for Carers like Anne to divide time equally between Caring and other roles within the family. This can create feelings of neglect towards other family members, placing strain on relationships and family dynamics e.g; Zoe and Bob need more attention and Anne's hands are full a lot of the time Caring for Angus. As demands and pressures on a family Carer increase, many Caregivers may experience Carer overload. Ann has to manoeuvre him up the stairs and she is frightened, about Angus? fall and Anxious not to be distracted from helping him. (K101 Dvd unit 1). Some carers need to be on call day and night, this can take a toll on physical and mental wellbeing with their own need's being neglected. Ann feels obligated because she and Bob and Zoe live in Angus's house, and he always remind them thats its his house. Ann feels Guilty about not caring well enough for Angus and for shouting at him, and not giving him sufficient attention at all times. Rewards of being a family carer Being a family carer is rewarding it is easier to care for someone you know, love and get along with. ...read more.


They share a few tender moments, she knows he appreciates the help she gives him. Anne also has a friend Cheryl to socialise and go out with which is needed as a full time carer. Ann's family are not well off and she does not seem to worry about money,even though she would be entitled to Carers allowance because of the care and hours that she looks after Angus, which would make her feel a bit more financial secure. Carers allowance is the main benefit that carers are allowed to claim. It is intended for those who care for someone 35 hours each week or more. The allowance is not income dependant and is instead a standard rate that is currently £55.55 per week (to be reviewed in April 2012). Carers premium is for individuals who receive Carers allowance and who are also entitled to claim income support Anne should be able to receive these benefits as she Cares for her father Angus more than35 hours a week. (www.directgov.uk). Within my essay I researched the difficulties and rewards of being a family Carer. The difficulties seemed more then the rewards of Caring. Going on personal experience's, from caring for a family member, the rewards outweigh the challenges and they are most often found in day- to -day moments that I experience through sharing my life with family members. ...read more.

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