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"DISCUSS RECENT PROGRESS IN THE CAMPAIGN FOR THE GLOBAL ELIMINATION OF BLINDING TRACHOMA". Trachoma is a disease which causes blinding and accounts for 15% of global blinding and is mainly seen in developing countries which are made up of poor families and communities. The disease is avoidable but it is a neglected public health issue with around 5 million people suffering worldwide. Trachoma is a chronic keratoconjunctivitis and is caused by the infection of a bacterium called Chlamydia trachomatis (1). It is mainly prevalent in Africa and Asia. Transmission of the disease can occur from eye to eye via the hands and clothing etc. Flies are known to be a major carrying vector of the disease. It can be spread by the usage of water which in many villages is shared, with those families who use less water at a lower risk. It seems to affect women more than men in rural areas, and it is mainly children who have the disease. Trachoma symptoms consist of red eye, itching and pain. ...read more.


Facial washing is another way in which the disease can be prevented. If the face is clean surely there is a lower risk of infection. With the face being cleaner , the number of flies attracted to a clean face is reduced compared to that of a dirty face. This means that transmission via the fly vector will be reduced by facial washing. Facial washing can also be used in conjunction with antibiotics in the form of facial washes and this may result in a decrease of trachoma. The obvious main way of stopping the spread of blinding trachoma is prevention. The idea of prevention is the one which has the chance of wiping out blinding trachoma , but this will not happen by itself, it needs to be carried out as well as the other factors we talked about in order to fully stop the disease ( i.e facial washing, antibiotics, surgery) . Prevention is the best cure. If u can stop the spread of the disease then ultimately the disease will decline. ...read more.


trachomatis, while challenging, is a high priority. Even a partially protective vaccine has been predicted, through computer modeling, to have a substantial effect on reducing infections globally (5). At present tho, the control of the disease by a vaccine seems to be years away as although a vaccine has been found that works in mice and rodents it does not have effect in humans. But the development of a vaccine seems to be a one which should be looked at thoroughly. Vaccination if possible in the future would mean that this disease could be eliminated and this would be a more effective way of elimination than just the SAFE program, If a vaccine can be produced, then in conjunction with the SAFE strategy I have no doubt that global blinding trachoma will no longer be existent. The successful development of avaccine may come after extensive research into the biochemistry, molecular biology and immunology of the causative bacteria, C. trachomatis. The WHO has set a target for the elimination of blinding trachoma worldwide, with the target year set at 2020. Lets hope that this is the case and that this disease no longer exists in 2020 as it is an avoidable and preventable cause of blindness. ...read more.

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