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Discuss the effects of diet on health.

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´╗┐Health and Social Care Amy Rollinson Unit 3: Promoting Good Health Section B There are many factors affecting health and wellbeing, one of these is lifestyle. Within one?s lifestyle there are many choices which individuals have the opportunity to make. These choices can have positive effects to their health and wellbeing and other choices can have a complete opposite effect, and effect their health and wellbeing negatively. One of these choices which each individual comes across is the kind of diet they lead. Some individuals take into consideration that they need to maintain a balanced diet to help keep healthy. Other individuals take the choice to either over eat or under eat. A poor diet can lead to negative effects on your health. Whether it be over eating or under eating, each can have short term and long term effects on the body. The Effects of Under Eating on the Body Under eating can have various effects on the body, some are short term effects which will take an effect on the body pretty quickly while others are long term effects which will start to effect the body later on if the individuals continue with under eating. ...read more.


(http://shannonclark.hubpages.com/hub/Four-Reasons-For-Muscle-Mass-Loss) - Paralysis - Insomnia - Kidney failure. - Osteoporosis which is the softening of bones due to lack in calcium. - For females they will experience and absence of their menstrual cycle. - Liver failure. - Skin becomes easily bruised. - Heart attack. - Infertility - Digestive difficulties. - Seizures. - Death. (Physically)Individuals are physically effected by under eating as they?re causing physical damage to their body. Under eating means they?re not supplying their bopdy with enough nutrients therefore their body can?t function properly and isn?t producing enough energy for what they actually need throughout the day, so then they become more tired easily which is having a physical affect on them as they wont be able to participate in physical and just general day to day activities becaus ehtey will not have the energy for it. (Emotionally)Overall under eating can cause a variety of different affects on the body. Not only does an individual get affected physically by under eating but they?re also affected emotionally. They are effects and changes which an individual?s body will experience due to the lack of food intake. ...read more.


Some individuals are effected with the illness of bulimia, this is where individuals will eat and binge eat but will then make themselves be sick afterwards because they are afraid of their eating habits becoming out of control which leads them to think and fear that they will put on weight. Some individuals can be affected by other individuals around them or by depression of thinking that they?re over weight and fat. There are individuals who feel overweight because of other people around them who may make them feel uncomfortable of their weight because they seem to think that they are a lot bigger than those around them. The media also have a big affect on peoples eating habits and choices as the media portray celebrities with little skinny bodies which lead individuals to feel that this is what they must look like to look good and healthy. Therefore because of these reasons it leads people to cut out certain food groups, meals etc so they end up virtually living off hardly any food at all. This can lead to someone extremely under eating where they have an unhealthy consumption to reach or attain a very low body weight; this is the result of anorexia nervosa. ...read more.

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