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Diversity in Society

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´╗┐Diversity in today?s society In today?s society diversity is all about treating all individuals equally and not discriminating or stereotyping someone based on gender, age, race, sexuality, culture, disability etc. Emmett Till a 14 year old black American was murdered by a white man in 1955 because he may have flirted with his wife and found that a black young man doing this should have consequences. So they tortured him and killed him. Three days later some men fishing discovered the body. Emmett?s mother held a funeral for her son with an open casket. She wanted everyone to see what these horrible men had done to her son, the press published pictures and because of this mother?s actions she helped many people realise that this treatment to black people needed to be ended and this also helped move the civil rights movement forward. In 1955 many black people were subjected to racial segregation in America and were only allowed to sit in particular places and couldn?t participate in activities or have the same chances as white people had. Rosa Parks a young black woman refused to give up her sit to a white person. The Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted for 385 days and was led by Martin Luther King Jr. ...read more.


. 2013. . [ONLINE] Available at: http://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/q6rxg0empy/YG-Archive-Pol-Sunday-Times-results-01-030213.pdf. [Accessed 05 February 2013]. As same sex marriage is legal now everyone no matter on sexuality can be married in the Uk and this therefore give everyone an equal chance. Most of us want equality and diversity in today's society yet many of us would disagree about wanting equality in the economy. Inequality in the economy is mainly differences in money such as the rich and poor. Inequality is caused by debt, addictions and job loss among many other ways to get into poverty. Many of us struggle to keep our heads above water in this current economic situation. By looking at End child poverty we can see that most areas have poverty yet some much more than others such as Manchester Central with 47% of child poverty. By looking at the massive differences between Manchester Central and Richmond which only has 7% of child poverty we can see that the places that don?t have much poverty are the stereotypical places, in which we believe that middle aged people with business suits live. End Child Poverty - Poverty In Your Area. 2013. End Child Poverty - Poverty In Your Area. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.endchildpoverty.org.uk/why-end-child-poverty/poverty-in-your-area. [Accessed 04 March 2013]. ...read more.


Yet in a childcare setting diversity should be embraced and celebrated this is important because it teaches children to respect all individuals and teaches the children to be well rounded people who don?t judge someone based on sexuality, gender, race, disability etc. We can celebrate differences and children?s skills by showing their work around the school, making display?s based on differences/traditions etc, put posters up such as hello in different languages. Overall as a future child care professional you should value diversity and be a good role model to children. I feel that promoting diversity in a nursery setting and any childcare setting is essential to a child?s learning and development. In this day and age you should be able to be who you want to be and not be judged. In this world you should value all individuals and we can help children learn to be open minded by encouraging and supporting different ways of thinking. Posters, displays, activities and food we have at a nursery can promote diversity. The music we listen to can be from different cultures. Children need to learn that everyone they come across is different and that it?s these differences that make us special and make England a great country. By Melissa Pope ...read more.

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