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Does smoking really damage your health? Discuss your findings.

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Zubair Shaikh Introduction to Study ASB012 Does smoking really damage your health? Discuss your findings. "Tobacco smoke is a complex mixture of more than 4,000 chemicals in the form of gases, particles or both. When you inhale cigarette smoke, dozens of harmful substances enter your lungs and spread through your body. They can reach your brain, heart and other organs within 10 seconds of the first puff." (Winstanly. M et al 1995) Tobacco is a plant which has been grown over thousands of years upon which many scientific experiments have taken place. The researchers have looked into the matter in many ways. The experiments through research have shown many results regarding the issue, whether smoking is harmless or harmful. The essay will differentiate between the two issues and give an insight into the matter to evaluate the damage of health caused by smoking. ...read more.


49). The effect seems to be filtering in the bloodstream where it can become a regular absorbent. Further, tar is known to make the lungs unhealthy and cause bronchial problems (Emphysema) such as chronic lung disease and relatively a smoker's cough. "Emphysema is a disease where the lungs become inflamed and causes the airways to contract making it harder to breathe." (Dossing, M 2001) Further, there seems to be numerous reports and studies made by scientist and physicians, however there are arguments made by smokers who claim that most chemicals are exhaled and only little is consumed. Smokers are at a higher risk of cancer according to a pro smoker's website (issue 182) where it states "the magnitude of the relative risk and the numbers of lung cancers now attributed to smoking and all smokers are at very high risk" (Doll et al., 1994). ...read more.


(Ash.org) These figures indicate that lung cancer is ever so on the increase. As well as England, there are many other countries, where lung cancer is on the increase via the relation of smoking. Many methods have been used to improve on the method of research related to smoking. However new methods are constantly on the go by scientist to figure out more damageable causes. "Lung cancer can cause symptoms such as coughing, weight loss and excessive fatigue". In conclusion to the essay it would seem that smoking reduces the life expectancy of an average individual, whereas it can also affect the internal health such as leading to a poor diet. "Similarly smoking can also affect your well being, skin and even the eye's, it can infect the gums and stain the nails. It can kill you slowly." (Dr. Traquet pp. 48-49) Overviews of smoking from medical and scientific areas show some damaging effects to the health. ...read more.

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