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Drug Addiction: Understanding the effects of DrugAbuse.

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Drug Addiction: Understanding the effects of Drug Abuse. Assignment 3. Give your point of view regarding Drug Regulation in the United States. Do you think they are effective? The main policy-making organization for the international control of drugs is the commission on Narcotic Drugs which has delegates from the member states on the United Nations (UN), along with representation from all those non-UN countries which signed the 1961 Convention. The commission receives information and recommendations from a variety of interested organization and, and instigates surveys and research. Its role is to devise and monitor strategies aimed at the control of drug abuse and to advise governments on the appropriate systems of legal restraints. ...read more.


It therefore time that laws were changed in order to incorporate enforcement agencies also. Temporary shortage of heroin on the US streets has been associated with the development of 'designer' drugs, often of horrifying toxicity. The figure for worldwide production of street drugs has increased dramatically over the last 10 - 15 years. Illicit production of opium has increased from 2242 tonnes in 1987 to 5000 tonnes in 1996, whilst that of coca leaves is thought to have doubled between 1985 and 1994. Customs and police officers in the developed world seem to accept that only 10% or so of illicit drugs entering a country are intercepted or seized on the street. ...read more.


There is an acknowledgement that the effects of repressive drug policy are often confused in the public mind with the effects of drugs themselves. However, this only applies to cannabis, sometimes described as a 'soft' drug. In conclusion, Drug regulation is partially effective in the US, but I feel that further work needs to be undertaken in order, to inform the public about the dangers of drug use/abuse. Within the United Kingdom, Health Visitors are in a prime position, to inform the public around Health Education/Public Health, and we often have days dedicated to Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs, these promotional activities are often to school children of all ages. Thus increasing their awareness of the devastating effects of these substances. Drug Acts also need to be looked at in light of new designer drugs and what can be undertaken to safeguard the public and society. 1 ...read more.

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