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Duties under the health and safety at work etc 1974.

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Health and Safety We all have duties under the health and safety at work etc 1974 and we are all informed of our personal responsibilities. We must take due care for the health and safety of ourselves and to ensure that we do not endanger other persons by our acts or omissions. We are also informed that we must co-operate with the company in order that it can comply with the legal requirements. * We must always follow the safety rules and follow the health and safety policy. * Only perform work which are qualified to under take. * Always store materials, equipment and tools in safe manner. * Never block emergency escape routes. (fire exits) * Always practise safe working procedures, refrain from horseplay, report all hazards and defective equipment. * Inform the first aid officers / appointed persons of all accidents that occur. Our first aid officers are: Kate Collins Steph Hallett Cerys John Ruth Tucker If an accident does happen we must report to the people named above. ...read more.


All injury records will be kept o file for a minium of three years. Food and safety / hygiene - does not occur to me. Cosh / chemicals - does not occur to me. All the first aid kits are kept all around the gym. The kitchen, administrator and the general manager have first aid kits on the first floor, then we have another one in the gym, they are all fully stocked. They are not stocked with anything that the first aid officer has not been trained to use therefore it will not contain any medication such as creams, lotions and drugs, again the first aid officers are Kate Collins, Steph Hallett, Cerys John, and Ruth Tucker. There is always a first aid officer on duty. If medical treatment is required and if I was on shift my role would be to diall 999 and ask the emergency service to send an ambulance giving the address and nature of the injury. ...read more.


So dial 999 ask for the fire brigade give the operator the health club's telephone number when the fire brigade replies give the call distinctly we must say " we have a fire at bannatyne's ltd associated health club and give address" we must not replace the receiver until the fire brigade has repeated the address. We must call the fire brigade immediately to every fire or suspicion of fire . * We must use the nearest available fire exit. * Do not collect personal belongings * Do not re-enter the building until told to do so by the senior fire officer. Lifting On reception I don't lift up much but if I do I must lift the item up the right way. Incorrect methods of lifting can often result in back injury which is one of the most commen types of injury in industry. * Kepp load close to body * Adopt a comfortable posistion * Lift I got all information from Bannatynes fitness ltd employment hand book which I read, understood and signed when first started employment. ...read more.

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