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E1 Describe three different types of setting which provide care and education for children in your area. E5 Explain the importance of valuing and respecting all children in the setting.

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E1 Describe three different types of setting which provide care and education for children in your area. This must include one example from the list: statutory sector, voluntary sector and private sector. There are many different types of settings which provide care and education for children in my area. The statutory sector involves all the organisations that are set up, controlled and funded by the government or local authority for example: St. Anthony's Catholic Primary School. This type of sector is funded by people who pay tax or national insurance. ''A statutory service is one that is provided by government after a law (or statute) has been passed by parliament. Such law says that either: a service must be provided (i.e. there is a duty to provide it)... or a service can be provided (i.e. there is a power to provide it if an authority chooses)...'' ...read more.


This can also be done by not showing favouritism, but realizing that each individual child has their weaknesses and strengths for example: some need more attention than others to understand certain concepts. Giving the child equal opportunities will also help to vale and respect them because the practitioner is allowing the child to have an equal chance to get involved in the day life of the setting. Another way can be not judging and treating parents differently but instead work with them to meet their needs and them to feel comfortable that the setting value and respect all children. By doing all this you can then plan child's and parents needs and values with respect in the environment with abilities and facility available. Having an understanding of children's behaviour is a professional skill that will support my working with children. ...read more.


There are many different services that work in a multi-agency team such as social services. They all have many characteristics that allow and help them to work with children and their families. One characteristic that helps and allows them to work with children and their families is cooperation because it makes everyone in the setting feel needed and engaged by working together. Consistency is also a characteristic because all team member and services must work in one and the same way at an activity/task of care with the children and working with their families. Another characteristic can be encouragement because this ill help and support them to work together. Every person involved in the multi-agency team should feel belonged and this is a characteristic as it will make sharing information and problems easier. The last and most important characteristic is balance. This would allow everyone to balance their work with one another and see what every person is capable off and may need more help on. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Nina Unit number: 1 ...read more.

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4 star(s)

Overall a good essay which is clear with some good example.

I think that the distinction work could do with a little more discussion and a worked example to enhance the work.


Marked by teacher Sam Morran 08/01/2013

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