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Ensuring a safe enviroment - example of a risk assessment

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A risk assessment involves these things: likelihood which is the chance of causing and injury or accident which is a mark a out of 5 , 5 being certain. Severity is the next number this is how bad the injury would be from the hazard 5 being death. the risk is found out by multiplying the likelihood by the severity the risk 25 is the highest and is unacceptable The hazard is the thing that could cause harm to people or person The five stages of a risk assessment are as stated: Stage 1: identify the hazards Example: broken chair Stage 2: decide who might be harmed and how The person sitting in the chair, the chair falling over and causing injury Stage 3: evaluate the risks and decide on precautions Remove or fix the chair Stage 4:record your findings Write down about broken chair Stage 5: review your assessment and update if necessary Chair removed and destroyed The regulation that make services carry out a risk assessment in a care setting a legal requirement is the health & safety act 1974. ...read more.


Supervise children 2. Remove sharp objects from edges of worktop and place either in a rack or somewhere it cannot fall when not in use 3. Do not leave oven door open as the children could trip or bump into elderly then making them fall on the oven door Allergy?s to foods could cause allergic reactions 2 2 4 1. Check everyone?s medical history 2. Carry an adrenaline pen just in case of emergency 3. If someone is allergic to a certain food make sure you either use a different room to that food or keep them well away from the allergen to make sure that there will be no allergic reactions Paint in food make cause contamination of foods 2 2 4 1. Keep paint well away from foods 2. Check the food when its cooked that it is not Contaminated By paint Flammable paints 1 5 5 1. Keep naked flames away from paints 2. Keep the cooking group well away from the painting group Unhygienic kitchen could lead to food poisoning 1 3 3 1. ...read more.


Make sure the layout of the room can easily give access to everyone Improper kitchen safety that can be anything from improper knife handling or not cleaning up your mess when it on the floor leaving someone to slip up on it 2 2 4 1. Clean wet or slippery floor straight away 2. Do not run with knifes 3. When holding a knife make sure you holding it properly 4. Put all knifes in a safe position when not in use Food poisoning and other food related dieseases 2 3 6 1. Make sure all have correct food safety training 2. Make sure all ingredients are not out of date 3. Make sure all people working with food have not had vomiting or diarrhea if they have they will not be able to cook 4. Make sure all persons working with food have washed there hands properly and thoroughly Electric shocks from faulty equipment 1 5 5 1. Make sure all equipment is tested 2. Make sure the equipment is up to date 3. Make sure you have and master switch in the room just in case of an electric shock ...read more.

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