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Equality and diversity rights in a social care setting

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´╗┐Christine chuku- Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care- Rosemary Toussaint-Giraud Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care Rosemary Toussaint-Giraud The importance of equality, diversity and rights in Health and Social Care is that people should have equal opportunities. There are different groups of in society and these people will need Health and Social care services, therefore equality, diversity and rights are important in the delivery of care. Equality, diversity and rights also have structures and policies that help prevent discrimination and encourage the rights of service users. P1: Recognised terminology to explain the importance of promoting equality, recognising diversity and respecting rights in health and social care setting. The elderly at Peacehaven House should have equal opportunity and have the same rights and should be free from discrimination no matter the race, disability or culture. Equality- Peacehaven house promote equality by letting people from different religions, culture or ethnic backgrounds have equal access to the residential home and treating them with respect. Doing this will reassure residents that their getting good equal health care and this can be seen as clients treated with respect and dignity. Rights- Peacehaven house foster peoples rights by making sure that their clients have all information about the rights which apply to them and the service their using. Care workers who work for Peacehaven need to have knowledge of how a client can use their rights and assist clients in making sure that they exercise rights under legislations, charters and guidelines. All this will ensure that clients are aware of complaints and procedures. Values- Peacehaven House promote peoples values by being aware of differences in cultural, spiritual and moral values. Care workers and clients may have different values; therefore it is important for care workers to be caring, compassionate and respectful to differences in beliefs, feelings and attitudes. Care workers also have to be aware of own beliefs and make sure they avoid imposing their values on clients. ...read more.


Personal data should not be kept longer than necessary. Organisations should get rid of records because of the disposal date 6. Individuals have rights to access their records and have the right to know when information is being passed on and have the right to control who the information is given to 7. Personal data should be kept secure from unauthorised access. Paper records need to be stored safely and electronically with passwords 8. Personal data should not be transferred to another country unless that county can ensure that there is going to be a high level of protection Legislation 2- The Human Rights Act 1998 The Human Rights Act 1998 gives legal effect to rights and freedom and contains information about the Human Rights Act and the rights and freedoms protected by the Act. There are 16 rights taken from the European Convention on Human Rights. These affect matters of life and death and rights in everyday life in Peacehaven. The resident?s rights include: 1. right to life 2. right to liberty and security 3. right to respect for private and family life 4. freedom of thought, conscience and religion 5. freedom of expression 6. freedom of assembly and association 7. prohibition of discrimination 8. protection of property If there is a situation in Peacehaven house which human rights are being violated, residents have the right to argue that a decision situation violated their rights. (Moonie, Neil- BTEC National Care- Heinemann Educational Books Secondary Division (UK)-2003) Code of conduct The codes provide a clear guide for all those who work in social care, setting out the standards of practice and conduct workers and their employers should meet. They are a critical part of regulating the social care workforce and helping to improve levels of professionalism and public protection. General Social Care Council The general social care council (GSCC) is the independent regulatory body responsible for overseeing social care training. ...read more.


The care value base is important because Britain is becoming more multicultural and ethnically diverse. Also, many laws have now been passed which prohibit discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or anything else. It is therefore vital that people do not feel discriminated against when they are using care services. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/care_value_base#importance _of_care_value_base Importance of Care Value Base The care value base relates to members of vulnerable groups and people who are at disadvantage. Care services are required not to exclude or discriminate against any group in society. How the care value base is imported into Health and Social Care The Care Value Base is applied in every aspect of care work. Care workers have areas in which they have an important responsibility to respect service user?s rights. These areas are: 1. Maintaining confidentiality of information High security on patients records The need and rights for the patients to know about every aspect of the care given to them and any problems that may arise during or after care Policies, procedures and guidelines care workers have to implicate Boundaries and tensions in maintaining confidentiality Confidentiality can value and protect a client if confidentiality is broken and shared with others. 1. Foster equality and diversity among people Understanding of assumptions such as gender, race, age, sexuality, disability and class Understanding prejudices, stereotyping and labeling Understanding own beliefs, assumptions and prejudices Understanding the benefits of diversity and equality of others Clients will be treated equally and fairly. Health and Social care are universal services, therefore it is important that nobody is deprived of their entitlement. 1. Foster peoples rights and responsibilities The right to be different Freedom from discrimination Confidentiality Choice Dignity Effective communication Safety and security Carers always need to value the ways that people are different and also understand that prejudices, assumptions and stereotypes can discriminate against people from different race, culture, age or social class. Rights come with responsibilities towards other people. People/clients have the right to their own beliefs and lifestyle and carers have no right to damage the quality of other people?s lives. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is rather confusing essay. It feels a little as though the writer had an awful lot of information that they felt they should include. It isn't always relevant and makes it a little difficult to read at times. The writer should have applied the information they had researched to the care setting as this would demonstrate greater understanding. A good essay but far too much unneeded information.

Marked by teacher Sam Morran 27/03/2013

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