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Equality diversity and rights 1

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EXPLAINING THE BENEFITS OF DIVERSITY TO SOCIETY In the year 2009, it is very true to say that we live in a diverse, multicultural society. This means that people from different countries and backgrounds are living, working and socialising together within Britain and this has brought many advantages to our lives as a whole. Our current education system covers syllabuses within Religious Education, Languages and History which makes learning so much more interesting for pupils especially if their tutors are from diverse cultural backgrounds themselves - they can really bring the lesson alive which, in turn, keeps the pupils keen to listen and learn. Religious Education has shown us that there are more options out there other than Christianity and we can make independent choices if we so wish. Celebrities such as Richard Gere and Orlando Bloom are now devout Buddhists and Cat Stevens converted to Islam in the height of his career. Their change in faith has had a huge impact on their lives. As each religion is dissected, we are made to understand various traditions and beliefs and see them in a different light. ...read more.


Museums frequently have exhibitions displaying artefacts giving us a first class insight into the history and beliefs of different societies and cultures and how they have evolved. Galleries exhibit art and pictures from around the world showing us how different cultures and societies perceive and portray art. Other benefits from diversity are the different types of complementary medicine that are now readily available and very much sought after. Examples of these are Reiki, acupuncure, massage, homeopathy and aromatherapy. Throughout our lives and even on a day to day basis, we are being culturally enriched, sometimes when we choose to be but on other occasions, without even realising it. This can be very true of our social and leisure time. The following are a few such examples: Listening to our favourite radio station may have our feet tapping to a Soul or R & B track or we may like to burn a few pounds off salsa dancing. Many of us sport a tattoo or body piercing these days - something that was brought to this country but has cultivated and grown here. ...read more.


We are all unique individuals and as such, we are all entitled to the same standard of care and treatment in health and social care settings. We should therefore be treated as equals throughout the system. This statement applies to service providers as well as service users. It is sheer ignorance, misunderstanding, misinterpretation and sometimes fear that brings about discrimination and this can only have negative effects on people requiring help, care and assistance, whether this be in a minor or major form. Unfortunately, the consequences of being made to feel awkward, outcast, embarrassed, belittled and bullied can have disastrous consequences as has been highlighted tragically in the news this week with a mother taking her own life and that of her diabled child. People have to be protected to make sure that they are not intimidated or ignored, to ensure their voice is heard, their needs are met and to be empowered. It is therefore imperative to take preventative measures and to promote equality, diversity and rights in this sector via policies, staff training, leaflets and interaction to maintain standards, to make certain rights and confidentiality are upheld and to ensure that people are treated fairly and with the utmost respect from whatever walk of life they may be from. ...read more.

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