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Equality Diversity and Rights

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Equality Diversity and Rights Equality: the concept of equality is to treat everyone fairly no matter whom or what they are, and if a person wants to be treated equally and fairly than you must also do the same to other people and can get the respect back. In order to learn about other people?s culture and belief, you will need to listen and watch what other people say and do and a person?s own culture and beliefs may feel challenged when they realise that different beliefs exists. Diversity: The concept of diversity includes acceptance and respect, it also means understanding that each individual is unique and recognizing the individual differences. These can be along the feature of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual. Rights: the concepts of rights tell us that every lining human being has their own rights and this concludes in the human rights act. The human rights act was made to protect people from getting hurt and having the right to live. ...read more.


Also, in some tradition girls are meant to stay at home and help around with housework whereas boys are meant to go to school and get education. As of this both boys and girls can be affected by it because in reality girls might not be good at studies or be good at housework and boys might be good at cooking, but if this expectations are there for them to meet then they might not think of anything else other than those expectations set out for them. Race: People who are a different race to others can be easily discriminated against through bullying, neglect e.g. A 10 year old girl who is always very bright, happy and opens to everyone has just moved city and having to move school as well, she settles into her new school and is already making new friends; however it is not long before she gets bullied due to her race. The first time she did not get affected but later on the bullying gets worse each and every day and it has started to affect her as an individual. She doesn?t tell her parents or teachers that she is getting bullied and keeps it to herself, as time passes the happy and bright girl doesn?t speak to anyone and becomes quite in the class, also due to the bullying her grades drops. ...read more.


Some of the discriminatory practices can be show through different behaviours which includes: 1. Infringements of rights: means when an individual is not respecting another individual?s rights and not letting them practise their culture. 2. Covert abuse of power: the word cover means hidden and covert abuse of power means hidden abuse. It can also mean a misuse of power whether it is at home or workplace, government, school and colleges. 3. Overt abuse of power: this is the opposite of covert, overt means open. Overt abuse of power is something that is happening openly using the power to discriminate. 4. Prejudice: is when an individual judges another individual or a group of people without. 5. Stereotyping: is when an individual or a group of people act out of assumptions over a group of people or an individual that might not be true. 6. Abuse: it means to neglect a person?s need by treating them disrespectfully or even causing them physical harm. Individuals or a groups of that are discriminated against by other individuals will feel disempowered, some may be willing to fight against this and in some cases will also win. However some may not win against it and as a result they will become depressed and disempowered resulting in poor health issues. BTEC L3 Health and Social Care Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights (EDR) ...read more.

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