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Essay on banning smoking in public places

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Essay on banning smoking in public places Cigarette smoking is a major cause of heart attack, stroke and lung cancer. Each year it causes so many deaths and still people carry on smoking as if it was good for them. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals which intoxicate the lungs so much the lungs become hideously inefficient. The tar coats the inside of the lungs: this prevents the lungs getting rid of unwanted bacteria. The tar contains carcinogens which can cause lung cells to mutate to form the lung cancer, a few years back people didn't know this for sure but out of every ten lung cancer patients, nine of them smoke. ...read more.


The question is though, should it be banned in public places? The answer is yes. Seventy-five per cent of non-smokers questioned in 2004 said they would mind if other people smoked near them. Most smokers did say they modified their behaviour when with others. In some places around the country some pubs and clubs have totally segregated the smokers and non- smokers. Many have banned smoking totally whilst others let it be purely for the profit. One thing that really gets up my nose is inhaling other peoples' stale cigarette smoke against my will. It's about time that smoking in public places in this country was stamped out once and for all. ...read more.


People have a right to protect themselves from smoke inhalation: People shouldn't have to inhale the ill-effects of other people's smoking. The government has announced that it will ban smoking in workplaces, cafes, and pubs and bars which serve food in England. The White Paper on Public Health released on 16 November 2004 set out the measures. A ban would be in place by 2008. Norway and Ireland have introduced nationwide smoking bans and the Scottish Executive has just voted to introduce a smoking ban in enclosed public places. Anti-smoking and medical groups have long been campaigning for a full ban on smoking in the workplace, and this would include pubs and restaurants. However, the smoking lobby argue that this will restrict our freedom of choice. Will England ever catch on? ...read more.

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