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Ethical Precaution

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Section B - Ethical Precautions The key criteria that must be met before any research is considered 'ethically acceptable' are as follows: * Protection of rights: the participants' rights to privacy and confidentiality should be protected. * Protection from harm: no harm should be done to others as a result of the research. * Positive contribution: some good or benefit should come out of the research investigation; it should result in a positive contribution to knowledge and human understanding. * Honesty and integrity: researchers should act in an honest way and be truthful and open in their methods and behaviour. ...read more.


OBTAINING INFORMED CONSENT As a researcher, you must be able to demonstrate that your research participants have freely given their consent to being involved in your research investigation and that they have a full understanding of what the research involves. They must be aware of the aims of your research and of any risks that they may face if they participate. They must also be fully aware of what they will be required to do or will experience during the research investigation. I will follow this procedure by, writing a letter to my client describing who I am, what school I attend and what I am studying for this assignment to be relevant. ...read more.


This aspect will also be listed in my letter of consent to my older person, making it very clear that they can withdraw at any point in time. Honesty and integrity Data must be gathered carefully, findings reported honestly, and any problems, errors or distortions acknowledged. Researchers must never falsify their data or make false claims that aren't backed up by the data that they have. A lack of honesty and integrity by researchers is completely ethically unacceptable. Following the interview a debrief should occur to help the elderly individual understand what will happen to the information you have gained about them. It should also give an opportunity for you to answer any final questions they may have to help put them at ease. ...read more.

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