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Evaluate Rogers' and Bowlby's Theories on Self-esteem.

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Nomzamo Sibanda Unit 25 M1 Heather Rogers believes that if someone have a self-image that is similar to their ideal self then they will tend to have a positive self-esteem because the way they look is the way they that they want to look and they won?t be comparing themselves to other people , but if an individual?s self-image was completely different with their ideal self then they will have a negative self-esteem as the way they are is completely different to the way they want to be and they will be comparing themselves to other people. An individual with low self-esteem will always minimise the positive that happen to them e.g. They pick up money on the streets they will just say its luck or a young maybe very good in school and at the job that she does but may also say that she is not a good sister or a good daughter and may result to her calling herself a failure. ...read more.


A child who was raised where they had unconditional regard will have the opportunity to do whatever they like and reach their potential as they get supported even if they?d make mistakes down the road, but if the child grew up in a household where there as conditional regard then it will take them time to get where they want to go as they fell that they need to meet some certain conditions. John Bowlby believes that self-esteem start as soon as an individual is born. He goes on to say the way parents treat their kids and the way a child is raised play the most important role in the development of a child. An emotional attachment can be thought of a unique feeling that usually happened between a child and an adult. They will be feeling as if they are a need to be close, feel distressed when they are apart and pleasure when they have been re-united Bowlby went created the attachment theory, he says if a parent is ...read more.


He says that a person can have high self ?esteem because everything they do is based on the way they view themselves., he goes on to say when an individual has a low self-esteem it?s because they have a mismatch between self and ideal self. But John Bowlby believes on something completely different because he says a person?s self-esteem start at birth and that a person?s childhood and the way they were treated when they were young plays very big part on building someone?s self-esteem. He bases self-esteem on 4 different attachments and says it depends which one a child has because the attachments are the ones that have a big effect on self-esteem. They both state that self-esteem is going to be experienced at a very young age and they both believe that the self-esteem is built by parents to their kid. The only similarities they have are that they both believe that self-esteem is built at a young age and that the parents have a big role on creating a child?s self-esteem. ...read more.

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