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Evaluate the Bio-medical and Socio-medical models of health

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D1 Evaluate the Bio-medical and Socio-medical models of health The strengths of the biomedical model are that is looks at the individual's health and illness, while concentrating on the individual and their ill-health. It looks at treating the illness or disease by attempting to use medical knowledge. The theory also suggests that all illnesses and disease can be treated by using medical intervention as the human body is seen as dividable and complex parts which if there is a problem can be amended. ...read more.


It also uses medical technology-centered equipment which can be cost-effective. I think that using the bio-medical model for health is useful as it looks at the physical aspects of illness and disease. It is also effective at diagnosing and treating most of the diseases. However for example, if a person had asthma, they would go to the doctor and receive medication for them to treat it. ...read more.


Also if a person had an eating disorder such as for example, anorexia or bulimia, the bio-medical model would not be very useful as it will only look at the physical aspect of the illness, however the socio-medical model of health will refer to the mental and emotional aspects of health in order to treat the illness, as it is due to the psychological illness which is causing the physical illness. By treating the psychological illness first, it will help the individual to treat the physical illness. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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