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Evaluate the job roles of Radiographers and Social Workers.

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Introduction In Health and social care we have been asked to find information and produce a report expressing and assessing the two job roles in this unit. I have chosen to evaluate Radiographers and Social Worker. I will create a report in detail about these individual job roles, that will include resources collected from various places which assist contrast these job roles. To explain what the job is like and their pay I will utilise job adverts for both if he job roles due to they provide vital information. Sector and funding sources There are three sectors in which people can be influenced by depending on their job. The job roles I have chosen Radiologists and Social Worker belong to the Statutory Sector of the Employment Sector. However Radiologists can belong to the primary care trusts. They work to provide the people the services needed depending on their requests. The statutory sector provides them with services they are entitled to such as having an operation. Everyone has the opportunity so therefore ignoring the race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation or religion. The statutory consists of organisations that are situated by the Acts of Parliament which therefore are funded and taken care of by them. Taking into account the social services are vital in this sector but a lot of money is spent on them. The funding for these services comes from taxation such as council tax, income tax and national insurance. * Rise in money spent on social care services "18.2 billion In 2004-05 8 per cent up on previous year" "Significantly more money is being spent on social care services for adults and children, nearly doubling in real terms1 over the past 10 years, according to a report published today by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. Annual social care gross, current expenditure by councils last year raised to 18.2 billion from 16.8 billion in 2003-04, an increase of 8% in cash terms. ...read more.


The workers must discriminate against their nationality, age, race or disability because this is seen as unfair also it is illegal. Social Support Social support is needed for a social worker so they are gaining support from other colleagues and professionals. Due to their job being quite demanding having assistance from the other professionals is vital. A social worker helps people who have been experiencing public crisis and their job is to support them get back on their feet to help themselves. Life quality factors Job role 2 Radiologist Client Dignity Radiologists should ensure that they respect the rights of patients to be satisfied, that the patient has understood the proposed examination or treatment and any significant risks or side-effects that may be associated with it. The ability to gain trust and respect from the clients is vital as they'll feel intimidated and wouldn't want to go ahead with the procedure. Social Support The radiologists will need that support through professionals when situations get worse. Where patients have suffered harm through misadventure for any reason radiologists should act immediately to put matters right and explain fully and promptly what has happened. Confidentiality Radiologists must treat information about patients as confidential and ensure that patients are informed about how information is shared within teams providing their care. They must not disclose information where it is not appropriate, or where the individual to whom it is disclosed is not involved in the direct care of the patient. Radiologists must preserve the patient's trust by being polite, considerate and truthful and respecting the patient's privacy and dignity. They must recognise that patients may wish to reject to take part in teaching or research and that this refusal should not adversely affect their relationship with the radiologist. Psychological security Radiologists should work with colleagues to monitor and maintain the quality of care that is provided and maintain a high awareness of patient's safety. ...read more.


takes place before children reach crisis point and protecting children from falling through the net * Addressing the underlying problems identified in the report into the death of Victoria Climbi� - weak accountability and poor integration * Ensuring that the people working with children are valued, rewarded and trained" (http://www.everychildmatters.gov.uk/aims/background/) The green paper The green paper encouraged an uncommon debate about services for children, young people and families. There was a wide conference with people working in children's services, and with parents, children and young people. This was aimed to look after the well-being of children and young people from birth to age of 19. The Government's aim is to ignore their difficultites they'll have supporting the child but they aim to support to achieve the child to be: - Be healthy - Stay safe - Enjoy and achieve - Make a position contribution - Achieve economic well being This was aimed at parent who are going through a rough time handling their children and they are there to assist their problems who may be at risk. They also deal with foster homes, adoption homes and babysitting services. For a social worker who is working with children they contribute towards the clients needs, health and well being. They will support their Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children which is protecting children from abuse and neglect and helping children and young people get the most from life. Child protection protects the child from significant harm where everything is done to achieve this goal. They stop the child or young person suffering from significant harm such being treated badly where it stops them from growing and developing normally and healthy. It can occur in a family as well as an institution. Children are in need of their help in order to be healthy and remain well. For example with that one person helping out it makes a big difference to their life including disabled children. (http://doc-lib.sor.org/scope-radiographic-practice-2008/appendix-2-diagnostic-radiography-workforce-questionnaire#3) Mandeep Kaur Sohal Health and Social Care Unit 11 ...read more.

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