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Evaluate The Relative Importance Of Different Factors Affecting The Nutritional Health And Well Being Of Two Groups Of Individuals

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Evaluate The Relative Importance Of Different Factors Affecting The Nutritional Health And Well Being Of Two Groups Of Individuals (D1) A balanced diet is important for an individual's nutritional health. A varied and balanced diet can help to maintain a healthy body weight, enhance general wellbeing and reduce the risk of a number of diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. Not everyone has the resources to maintain a balanced diet, and there are many factors that influence nutritional health. I will be looking at factors that affect the nutritional health of people in the later stages of life and children. When teenagers cease to grow their nutritional intake changes to atone with their body. As people age, their nutritional intake decreases, this is because people in the later stages of life have less use for energy and their body mass decreases. Older people often eat less food, consequently they may lack important vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron. Members of the aged population should be encouraged to eat little meals and to make sure that the food they choose contains the right nutrients for them. ...read more.


It has been suggested that the nutrition of the elderly is especially poor and that not enough is being done to make it any better, just because people are older and frailer doesn't mean that they have to suffer (see newspaper article daily express 11/12/07). Some people's eating habits who are in the later stages of life get a lot worse for example anorexia but I do not thing that enough time or effort has been placed into caring properly for these people because too many people pass by and do not care. For children nutrition is very important, what they eat influences the way they develop for the rest of their life, so it is important that they have a healthy balanced diet. One factor that influences the nutrition of infants is the socioeconomic status of their caregiver (s). Professionals have a better financial status and therefore can ensure that materially their child will not go without basic needs such as food. People that belong to the lower classes may struggle financially to raise a child healthily, and if they manage this it sometimes means that parents may go without. ...read more.


If a child is under nourished it encourages conditions such as marasmus and kwashiorkor, these are linked to malnutrition and can be fatal if not treated. Whilst at school children like to be like their friends, so they are not treated any differently, sometimes people can do things they wouldn't do otherwise because of peer pressure. "Peer pressure is the pressure an individual feels to conform to the ways of a social group, into which he/ she wants to be accepted. Peer pressure can exist in children as young as two years of age -- they will simply do things because other kids are doing them, and to 'fit in'. (rediff.com) If all of a child's friends at school are eating one thing that happens to be unhealthy, then that is what they are going to want to eat. Children are the most vulnerable people when it comes to nutrition because they tend not to have the awareness or the ability to be educated past their age so they need someone else to look out for them. As a basic need everyone should be entitled to eat healthily but the developing world has too many debts and it can only be hoped that one day everyone will be treated fairly and equally. ?? ?? ?? ?? Danielle Lant 28th November, 2007 Nutrition 1 ...read more.

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