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Explain how legislation/guidance applies to challenging behavior

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´╗┐Angelica Farrell Unit 27 Group 3 P2: explain how legislation/guidance applies to challenging behavior This task aims to explain how legislations and guidance applies to challenging behavior, for this assignment I interviewed a nursery manager at a private nursery called The Little Ones in Layton and asked her several questions regarding challenging behavior. For my interview i asked ten questions regarding challenging behavior and also legislations that relate to service. One of the most important legislation that applies to the nursery is The Children Act 1989. This legislation is very important to the nursery because the children should be put at the heart of nursery and it is their priority to ensure that the children are safe and don?t come to any harm or danger. This legislation is a good guidance for the nursery settings as the children should be protected at all times. ...read more.


At the nursery ?Every Child Matters? is met by: * Be healthy ? My work placement ensures that all children get to play outside in an outdoor space, children get to go on little walks and ensures that healthy food is provided at snack and lunch time such as milk, water and vegetables. * Stay safe ? Staying safe means that the environment the children are in should be secure. At my work placement doors are locked to ensure that the children are safe and secure in the building. * Enjoying and Achieving ? All the children should have equal rights to speak and learn and not be discriminated against. Everyone should be treated the same that means also including special needs children to speak and learn along with the other children. ...read more.


Mental Health Act 1983 * The Mental Health Act is the law under which someone can be detained and treated in hospital against their wishes. To be detained or ?sectioned? someone must be suffering from a mental disorder which requires assessment or treatment and this needs to be given in hospital in the interests of their own health or safety or to protect other people. Anyone detained must be told their rights, including the right to appeal and the right to the assistance of an advocate. The White Paper and Valuing People "The government published ?Valuing People Now: A New Three-Year Strategy for People with Learning Disabilities'. It sets out the government's plans for learning disability services in England until 2011" The main section of this Act is to maximize opportunities for children and young teenagers with learning disabilities also preparing them for adulthood which includes further education, jobs etc. This Act is usually for learning disabilities within children and young teenagers to help them for further education. ...read more.

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